Choosing the Best Web Hosting

How to choose the best hosting?

Here are some Pointers :

  1. Cater your web hosting according to your needs. If you are just getting started then you should go with the simplest form of webhosting – start with shared or reseller.

  2. Make sure you get adequate Traffic Bandwith and Disk space

Traffic bandwith – Data Transfer as a result of visitors browsing a site. On average most sites uses 3GB per month. As your traffic grows your requirements for Bandwith will increase. Hence, site owners will need to purchase more bandwith. This should not be a problem since webmasters should be able to capitalize the traffic and offsetting the cost of bandwith.

Disk Space – Obviously,the more disk space the better. It really depends on what kind of site you are planning to promote. For most people, 2GB-5GB will be more than enough for blogging. But if you are launching a video site then you will need much more disk space.

If you plan to have just one website then a shared hosting should suffice. Reseller hosting is better if you have more than one website and it gives you much more features.

If you already have some experience with Shared or reseller hosting, and you are serious about internet marketing, then you should get your own VPS. The price starts around $20 and goes as much as $100. Since web hosting is going to be an ongoing monthly fee ,people tend to go for the cheapest. In my experience, you only get what you pay for – the support tends to be worst with the cheaper web hosting.

Technical support
This is by the far the most important factor when choosing a web host. Very oftenyour site will go down for no apparent reasons. If you email your web host they should be able to fix the bug and get your site back online within an hour. You should look for a host that offers:

  1. 24 hour technical support , 7 Days a week

  2. Live Chat

  3. Phone Support

Through the years I have host my websites with many webhost – netfirms, hostgator, frozen midnight. The worst web hosting I have ever come across is This was a real nightmare as my server was crashing everyday and Adiungo support would just reboot my server each time without trying to fix the bug. The worst part of the story is that I went straight for a 2 year contract deals with them and that was money down the drain. So, the moral of the story is that you need to test a webhost for a couple of month before signing up for a longer term contract. The best webhost, I have come across is slhost. Most of my support tickets are responded within half an hour. The staffs are really helpful and have very good technical knowledge.

Cpanel hosting
Cpanel is a hosting management interface that handles all aspects of webhosting administration. Using Cpanel you will have easy access to your emails management, domain forwarding and website statistics.


Fantastico is an addon to Cpanel that makes installation of many opensource programs really easy. There is no need for the user to upload files, setup sql database and CHMOD changes.

Here are some of the scripts you could installed with fantastico :

  1. WordPress

  2. Mambo

  3. Joomla

  4. PHPBB2

  5. eCommerce


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