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Mass Profit Sites – What is it all about?

Review of Mass Profit Sites

Mass Profit Sites

Mass Profit Sites is an internet marketing product by Melford and Concetta Bibbens that aims to tap into the affiliate commission potential of the most profitable products in marketplaces such as Clickbank and Amazon by putting the business model of the user in the autopilot mode. Mass Profit Sites is an autoblogging software that not only claims to produce sales pages for any niche and product but to also update their content regularly with SEO optimization. Read the Mass Profit Sites Review before you decide!

Mass Profit Sites – What to Expect in the Package?

The main product is the Mass Profit Sites Site Builder software which requires a Clickbank login to bring out the best products to promote from the top 5 niches in the marketplace. There are three upsell offers to Mass Profit Sites which is priced at $97. Upsell features to the program include the MPS: Mass Wealth Multiple Builders License for generating up to 50 websites per day for $197 or lower price. MPS: Daily Content is another upsell that offers daily content updates for $97 per month. MPS: Social Fusion is the third upsell that offers the integration of social media with the created affiliate sites for spreading the word in the social circles of the user.

Mass Profit Sites – Pros

Ease of use.
Automatic website building.
Automatic content generation.
Unlimited number of websites.
Web-based software.
Access to the top niches from Clickbank, eBay and Amazon.
SEO optimized content.

Mass Profit Sites – Cons

The basic package offers 1 website per day.
No content update for entry level websites
Lack of originality in content.
Allotment of awkward subdomains for created websites.
Lack of analytics insight.
Poor customer support.

Mass Profit Sites – Recommendations

Mass Profit Sites program largely targets the internet marketers looking for an autopilot affiliate business model. While Mass Profit Sites may prove a good tool for automatically building niche sites if you are willing to pay for the upsell, it may not really prove worth your money when it comes to generating real results. However, the program could offer great insight into the Clickbank market trends and what products and niches to promote. Other than that, it is an autosite generator that requires a lot of upsell spending to do for some reasonable performance. Rated low by most users, the product does not really offer anything unique and there are several similar products in the market that offer even better features.

Mass Profit Sites Rating

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Mass Profit Sites Review




- A Review of Mass Profit Sites by Hass Moor



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