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A lot of people nowadays earn from blogging, which is one of the reasons why blogging tutorials and Internet marketing membership sites have risen to fame. Colleen Slater, a simple mother working from home started Blog Inferno. It is comprised of blogging tips and tutorials that will help new comers to leap into blogging and mastering advanced blogging strategies such as SEO and traffic generations.

Blog Inferno – What is it all about?

Colleen’s Blog Inferno ebook is a 150 pages guide that deals with all the important aspects of blogging and internet marketing. In summary, the modules cover the following:

- How to create a blog.
- Blog design and setup
- Implementing SEO into the blogging platform
- Marketing and traffic generation tactics e.g. article marketing, forums

Blog Inferno bonuses include extra materials like videos, various templates, mind maps, sales letter graphics. Blog Inferno can be useful to people who engage in niche blogging, online marketing, etc.

Blog Inferno – The Good

Colleen delivers her personal methods and her personal recommendation, based on her personal experience. That is something that is very important for newbies. Blog Inferno features detailed plans that you can follow, comprises of steps on how to create and maintain your chosen niche blog either weekly, monthly, it’s actually up to you.   You may start with something ‘slow’ first, before proceeding to a ‘faster’ plan. Blog Inferno will give you many types of information which strives to help you reach your business and income objective.  You may choose to read the tutorials or watch the video tutorial.

Blog Inferno – The Bad

The main issue with Blog Inferno is the fact that there is cross-promotion, with Firepow, a tool for blogging which may give the wrong idea to most people, especially because Colleen was not even the one who created it. The developer is actually taking advantage of her customers who are a highly targeted audience that would be interested in a blogging related tool i.e. Firepow.

Who is it for?

Blog Inferno is a great source for people trying to break into the blogosphere with niche blogs. Many newbies find it hard to accomplish this because of their lack of knowledge and experience in all the things that are involved namely blog creation, design, SEO, marketing,etc. From basic blog set-ups, to advanced topics like obtaining back links of high quality, market research, etc., Blog Inferno has them all.

Final Rating


Blog inferno is actually a   comprehensive blog resource course. It is relatively cheap at the price of $47 considering that Blog Classroom is currently selling at $497.

Download Blog Inferno here:

A review of Blog Inferno by Sam Kern



2 Responses to “Blog Inferno Review”

  1. Dear Sam, You provide a (presumably affiliated) link to download Blog Inferno at a price of $27 in this review. However, when I click on the link, their sales page trys to sell it at the full price of $47. So, what’s going on? Where does the $27 come from? Seems like a bit deceptive to me.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for pointing this out. That was not intentional. I’m not sure if the price has gone up or it’s just a typo from my part. But anyway I’ve changed the price now…


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