Improving Your SEO Copywriting Rankings

So what do you understand by the term SEO Copywriting? Search engine copwriting is merely the act of trying to write content that will appeal to the search engine results and also appeal to your site’s readers. However, if you do this the wrong way, it can affect your relationship with the search engines. In other words, when your write an SEO copy, you’re simply using your existing copy and tweaking it for the search engines. This can mean wording your copy in such a way that the appropriate keywords and phrases are included for optimization purposes. Effective SEO copywriting doesn’t mean you should try to stuff as many keywords as you can onto your site just to aim at higher rankings. You need to maintain a keyword density of 3% to 5% – overdoing this might label you as a spammer by the search engines. SEO copywriting is different to writing regular copy that appeals to your visitors, because you still need to be sure your readers are getting good information even while you’re working to appease the search engines. It will take you some time before you are able to perfect SEO copywriting. This article will offer some tips to help you improve your skills as an SEO copywriter.

When you are creating content for the search engine, you have to be more than just a good writer. The point of SEO copywriting is to create content that is specifically designed to please the search engines. So the first thing you have to decide, before you even start writing, is which keywords you want to focus on. One of the most important aspects of writing SEO content is the phase where you research your keywords. When you write your copy, you have to keep your readers in mind as well as the search engines, which means you want to create content that holds people’s attention. For example, let’s say your site is about ‘gardening’, make sure you have this topic researched and you have a list of all the keywords that are related to gardening. However, you want to get a high ranking and traffic, so don’t go after very broad keywords, but pick ones that don’t have as much competition. The one factor, then, that really determines how well you are going to rank are your keywords, so this is the most fundamental factor when it comes to SEO copywriting.

You must ensure you’re gripping the reader and pulling him in while you’re also trying to make an impression on the search engines. You can often do this by utilizing bold text when necessary. You will effectively show them what keywords you’re using and you’ll also lure them in. Google knows the importance of bolded words and gives them top billing.

The king of search engines will use any elements that humans may find important and they will use those elements to rank the page. You will be writing copy that helps people as well as search engines find the proper rank.

Putting your content in frames is not a good idea when it comes to creating the navigation for your website. It’s better not to use frames, as they don’t help you and actually do harm. Very often, pages with frames do not get indexed by the search engines, which cannot read the frames.

If you use frames, your home page would get indexed, but none of your other pages would. The whole purpose of SEO copywriting is to have as much of your content as possible picked up by the search engines. You will usually rank better if you lay your content out in a simple and user friendly manner. The main thing you should concentrate on when creating your content is to make it interesting and relevant.

SEO copywriting, then, is a fantastic way to rank your site higher and to get your ideas conveyed to your targeted audience.



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