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miracle traffic bot

Miracle Traffic Bot is one of the many products developed by Paul Ponna. Ponna is a fulltime Internet marketer, software developer, and web designer. He is very active in several IM forums and has built a solid reputation because of his good business practices and quality products.

Miracle Traffic Bot – What is it all about?

MTB, as Ponna fondly calls his product, is an automated traffic building tool that seeks to generate valuable backlinks for your business websites. This software automates submissions to article directories, video directories, and social bookmarking sites.

Miracle Traffic Bot – What’s in the Package?

When you buy Miracle Traffic Bot, you will receive a direct download link for the software. This software can be installed locally so you can start building traffic and one way link to your site. Included in the package is a video manual that will teach you how to use the software. You will also get dedicated technical support from Ponna’s team.

Miracle Traffic Bot – The Pros

Miracle Traffic Bot is a straightforward traffic generation tool. There is nothing fancy about this software. If you have the MTB, grabbing backlinks and generating traffic would become easier.

One of the strongest qualities of MTB is its user-friendly interface. The software is easy to use and very intuitive. It does not require much technical skills from the user. If you are a complete newbie to this kind of software, the video instruction provided by Paul Ponna can walk you through the entire process of set-up and operation.

You have to note that the product of Ponna is really not unique. There are lots of traffic tools today in the market. However, most of these products do not work while some traffic tools use forbidden methods. With MTB, you will get a reliable SEO tool that works like a charm. This software is completely Whitehat and you do not have to worry about getting banned by the major search engines.

Miracle Traffic Bot – The Cons

Miracle Traffic Bot only allows you to create one account. This is a big downside especially if you have lots of websites and you need multiple accounts on your target link submission sites. Without the option to create multiple accounts, it means that all your links will be dumped on one account which is not a good SEO tactic.

Miracle Traffic Bot – Who Is It For?

If you need quality backlinks and constant stream of free traffic, then Miracle Traffic Bot is for you. This tool is ideal for new marketers who are still learning the essentials of traffic building.

Miracle Traffic Bot – Final Comments

MTB is an essential addition to your SEO toolkit. This software works and is not buggy. You will definitely get concrete benefits from Miracle Traffic Bot especially if you want to easily grab quality backlinks for your site.


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- A Review of  Miracle Traffic Bot by Mike Marsh



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