Money Siphon System Review

Created by Jonny Andrews, the same developer of the highly acclaimed The Guru Assassin, the money siphon system basically focuses on the “how-to” of successful online marketing.

What is Money Siphon System all about?

This product is mostly based on video tutorial with pdfs as support. Being marketed as completely different from The Guru Assassin, The Money Siphon System is composed of five core modules :

Part 1 The Guru Launch Siphon
Part 2 The Paid Forever Siphon
Part 2 Pay Per Click Siphon
Part 4 – Free Money Forever Siphon
Part 5 The Secret Siphon

These modules cover the essences of internet marketing and explain the following:

Creation of recurrent income streams
Utilization of free pages and sites to generate money
Layout tricks to cover headlines
Effective copywriting
PPC techniques for beating Adwords

Once you have completed the tutorial, the Money Siphon System promises online marketers that they will learn how to:

Generate money using “the Siphon method”
Approach the gurus
Determine the best niche markets

Money Siphon System – The Good

A lot of internet marketers who purchased this system are quite pleased with its content. It covers almost everything you need to learn to start your internet marketing campaign especially if you have no idea where to start. The Money Siphon System also covers both FREE and paid traffic which is quite helpful for online marketers who have small a Adwords budget. The free video training certainly is a plus and the 60-day Money Back Guarantee will surely be appreciated by struggling internet marketers. Those who have purchased it liked how Jonny Andrews taught the system – straightforward and quite entertaining. You are likely to enjoy the very simple sales page as well.

Money Siphon System – The Bad

The videos can be long-winded and the developer sometimes over-discusses a certain topic. Another downside to the Money Siphon System is that it tried to cover so many topics and techniques that it neglected to explain others in detail.

Who is it for?

For certain, the Money Siphon System is perfect for online marketing beginners. The modules are easy to understand and do not require an expertise on the industry. It is also helpful for online marketers who have noticed gaps in their marketing strategies and have no idea what they are.

Final Rating


As far as quality of the content goes, the Money Siphon System delivers. The system covers just about everything about internet marketing without sounding technical or complicated. It would certainly be easier to move on to another level of online marketing if you had such solid background. It is a highly recommended product.

Download Money Siphon System here:

A review of Money Siphon System by Sam Kern.



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