3 Campaign-Tested Mobile Marketing Tips for You To Steal

Mobile marketing is much like the internet was back during the dot com boom. The IM marketer who pays attention and realizes the chance to expand business into this industry is the one who will reap the greatest rewards. Think about all the constant influx of new smart phone customers as kids want one as soon as they understand what they are. For any IM marketer who has been hesitating to “do” mobile marketing, now is the absolute best time to do it. Given below are a few mobile marketing tips that you can put to use right away to see considerable results.

When it comes to mobile phone marketing, it’s important to focus on making each campaign as profitable as possible. Make sure, then, that when you plan your campaigns that your offers are highly targeted. Let’s face it; the best way to attract customers is to send them targeted offers that are relevant to the highest extent. So if you want to get the best results, you can’t send out general offers, but ones that are aimed at the specific people who are seeing them. You can also improve your response rate with some original thinking and ideas that haven’t been seen before. Find out what kind of customers like certain offers and what you can do to make these offers more relevant. For example, if a customer has brought a certain product from you, then you might consider selling them another similar product. Let your mind think up some original ideas and you may be surprised what you can achieve.

If you’re not familar with writing ads or classified ads, then get familiar because you’ll be in for major disappointment without some insider knowledge in this area. You’ll need to let them know some good things about your product such as a major benefit, and then be sure to include a call to action. There’s this “thing” in copywriting, and it has to do with benefits and features, and if you have no idea what we’re saying, then you just must find out, today.

In all advertising, it’s about benefits because it’s about your prospect, and all they care about is them – not you. Just keep in mind that optimization is all about testing, and mobile marketing is innovative, but selling to people is not.

Think up an extremely targeted text offer that is likely to appeal to a certain demographic and track the results. Be sure to alert your customers about time sensitive special offers that you come up with. When people read messages, whether on the computer or phone, they like them to be personalized, so they feel you are communicating with them. People have limited time and attention spans, so make your messages direct and to the point, so they are easily understood.

If you are new to mobile marketing, it may take you a while to get comfortable with it, but it’s not difficult once you understand the basics. These tips are essentially useful when your aim is to extract high profits from your campaign, without making any major mistakes. When you start out with something like mobile marketing, it’s best to use tactics that are known to work, so that you can get off the ground and break into profit. In conclusion, you definitely should not fail to see how big mobile marketing will soon be, and now is a great time to get started with this huge opportunity.



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