Internet marketers cannot afford to ignore the power of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Twitter can provide you with lots of targeted traffic, as long as you don’t fall prey to mistakes that can ruin your efforts.

Twitter marketing can be just like all the other marketing practices you use. The principles are the same and the rules aren’t any new. Too many marketers commit the Twitter blunder where they make all their communications about themselves and they forget about the people they’re trying to target. The bottom line is that not many people are interested in every little thing about the product you’re promoting. People don’t have the patience to listen to a list of all the specifics. If you just show that you’re important, people will be turned off. What you can do is attempt to show them how your product will benefit them and then tell them what they’ll get from it. You have to be clear on listing out these benefits so that your prospect knows what to expect. You could have the perfect product in the world, that does everything you need it to, but if the prospect doesn’t sense that it will benefit him, you won’t go anywhere. The reason you made a profile on Twitter in the first place was to expand your business by increasing your sales numbers, contacts and your profit. Always treat your followers as you would want to be treated. The reason Twitter is becoming so popular is due to the fact that everyone treats everyone the same so they form more solid relationships. You must be a part of the community, and discuss what the product can do for them, don’ try to be salesy. Don’t go on and on about the product, that’s too obvious, just blend it in with the conversation so that it sounds natural.

Many Twitter marketers make the mistake of failing to recognize ways they can benefit from their followers. This doesn’t mean asking them to market your business for you. The goal, rather, is to increase your number of followers with the help of the ones you have already. How can this be done? It involves nothing more than making a simple request to your followers, that they re-tweet a few of your better tweets! It isn’t a complicated request.

This is a simple form of viral marketing, as your original tweet can quickly spread to your followers’ followers. You can really create momentum this way, as your tweet goes out to people you could never have reached otherwise. If you don’t ask them because it makes you uncomfortable, you are wasting this possible benefit. You should not feel awkward about asking, as some people will do it and others won’t, it’s their choice. You want to learn how to expand your influence on Twitter as efficiently as possible.

New Twitter marketers sometimes make the mistake of neglecting to post any content to their Twitter account before accumulating many followers. Your goal is to build your reputation in your niche, and to do this you have to post some tweets before you start looking for followers. Your own Twitter page should serve as an advertisement for your potential followers.

So before you actually take up the task of growing your follower count, put in some effort to actually tweet some targeted information related to your niche, so that when they see your page, they should feel the need to follow you. You now see how Twitter can improve your business, but only if you go about it the right way, and you avoid the blunders we just spoke of.

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