3 Article Marketing Benefits for Your Online Business

If you’ve been into Internet marketing for a while, you know the power of targeted content. Writing articles with good content that helps people is one traffic generating method that is not disputed by anyone with a clue. There is no big secret about article marketing; some specialized knowledge, sure, but it’s mostly dedication and effort. If you have the qualities of a real business person, then you can put article marketing to good use for your self and business. Given below are 3 benefits that you can derive out of article marketing when you use it to promote products and services.

Perhaps of the top reasons for article marketing’s power is the ability to pre-sell your product or service. The art of pre-selling in copy, or articles, is necessary if you are to ever realize the greatest returns on your efforts. It’s like you warm them up and get them into a buying mindset so that when they reach the sales page, they are ready to buy the product you presold through your articles. What’s the deal with articles and this ability to presell? It is the medium, the ability to reach, and then just having a regular conversation with people about their problems. If you have ever read a review article, or seen a review website, then that is a perfect example of pre-sell copy. The only thing that is really happening with the review copy is that it is lowering sales resistance and conditioning the reader’s mind for more of your copy. You can write preselling copy and package it in a number of ways; so just keep in mind that it’s not just reviews. The articles you write and publish anywhere are working to pre-sell the reader, and really it’s nothing more or nothing less.

When you put your articles out there, you will be in a position to drive traffic in several ways. If you use article directories, and we think you should, then you will naturally reach some audience from that. Like we said, there are things to learn; but if you do that and use it then you can have search engine rankings for your articles. Also, again if you do things right, your articles can be syndicated onto other websites and blogs, and that will be another source of traffic. You will reap the most rewards if you put some real effort into creating good quality articles. The only thing common with all these visitors is that they are all targeted and interested in your niche.

One of the greatest benefits of article marketing is you can enjoy all the other benefits with very little cost out of pocket. There are no charges for submitting to the hundreds of article directories online. But we will be honest with you and say that it does require effort on your part. Depending on how well you’re prepared, you can publish articles and begin seeing results within a week or two. Always keep learning and writing your articles, and then in the not too distant future you’ll be well on your way. Article marketing has been around for years, and there’s no reason to think it won’t remain that way into the future. You are not restricted to any limitations when it comes to using articles, but you do need to expand your knowledge so you’ll be more effective with them. It gives great results, which is why you shouldn’t be ignoring it.

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