3 Creative Methods to Monetize Your Business Website

Internet marketers want to make money, and any monetization methods that will help them in that quest will certainly be considered. It can be demoralizing and disheartening work hard on getting a site up, and then you promote it for months and have nothing to show for it. There are so many strategies and methods for driving traffic to a site, and that is often one of the problems people have; they’re going after the wrong kind of traffic. While it’s frustrating, you can easily try different traffic generation methods until you find one that bears fruit for you. Keep reading to discover how you can improve the monetization of your business site.

You can facilitate commerce between other people by creating a marketplace website. It doesn’t matter at all how big or small you are in the beginning; you can still get started and do this. Millions of people want to sell things, or buy, or barter and trade whatever they have to offer. Your income will derive from charging a small listing fee once your marketplace is established. This kind of website will most likely require an application if you want to make it as automated as possible. If you’re looking for quick monetization profits, then this method really isn’t for you; it’s more long term and strategic.

The second monetization method is about using RSS ads in your site’s feed. As you probably know, RSS feeds are not new at all; so what IM marketers did was just put ads in them.

If you would like to explore or get started with this, then you may want to check out Feedburner because their network can handle this for you. It’s no cost to join, and their ads and monetization are based on CPM, cost per thousand.

How about monetizing your site with surveys or even polls? Yes, there are businesses that will pay webmasters a fee for conducting polls/surveys on their websites. You can even select what you want to use on your site, and of course you’ll need to do a simple sign-up process to get started. These businesses run their advertising based on CPM, or cost per thousand.

Don’t feel disheartened if your business doesn’t quite fall into the category for all monetizing methods because there are others, to be sure. If you’re not sure about any particular method of monetization, then simply begin choosing some and test them out. Once you know what’s working for you, you can expand it to other areas of your business and test it out on your other websites.

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