3 Profitable Monetization Methods For Your Internet Business Sites

Internet marketers want to make money, and any monetization methods that will help them in that quest will certainly be considered. Having a site up for months without any sign of income coming in can be frustrating. The problem here isn’t that there are no methods to make money from your website, but rather there are too many options to choose from, which makes it difficult to reach the right method that’s suitable for your kind of traffic. One way to alleviate that problem is simply to test your offers using different traffic sources. But what we want to cover in this article are some proven methods to monetize your website.

Our first method is a long-term strategy with great potential, and it involves what is called, sponsored reviews.

PayPerPost is the business that introduced this monetization method, and others have followed suit from that influence. When you join a sponsored review site, it presents you the opportunity to create sponsored blog posts on various topics that are supplied to you. When you think about this approach, it’s a win-win situation because people will pay you to post content, but you also have to ensure you’re getting traffic and promoting so they will benefit. Once you are receiving enough traffic, then you won’t need to use third party companies to do sponsored reviews.

Have you ever seen a regular niche website with a job posting board on it? We have, and they can work well, but it has to be related to the audience of the website. Ideally, you’ll be able to really make the most of this with the more traffic you’re receiving. If this appeals to you, then you should do it because the level of difficulty to roll-out is low. Another element that may attract some is that once it’s set-up and in place, then any income from it is totally passive and pretty much hands-off. If you have a highly traffikked website, then you can charge higher listing fees.

There’s a particular trend that has not totally caught on, yet, but it is using widgets as a means to generate online revenue. Widgetbucks and SmartLinks are several companies involved with this method. Even though this might seem to be a less popular monetization method, it does work. It’s up to you as most have several options; pay for clicks, text link ads, or the standard affiliate type links. Widgets are easy to deal with, and that is part of the reason for this trend. The monetizing strategies in this article are not your everyday methods, but they can be powerful if you use them and dedicate your self to testing them. No matter which site monetization method you use, or are considering, the only way to find out for sure is to run your own testing on it. You can try to assess whether or not some method will work, but if you’re not sure then just test on a few pages and see what happens. Our products and services are designed to meet the needs of a market, and that can help you decide what to offer them in terms of monetization.

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