3 Quick Tips for Easy List Building

Building an e-mail list of your own for your business is a very important step that all IMers must take. Given below are a few simple tips that can help you with your list building.

Don’t pass up any opportunities for gaining new subscribers or traffic to your websites. One of the easiest ways to do this is to allow other people to re-publish your e-zine or newsletter content (with the stipulation that they keep everything the same). You should be happy to let other people have access to your content because it means that more people will hear about you and your products. There are more than a lot of webmasters on the internet who are hunting for good and fresh content for their sites; when you let them use yours, you both win. This will make it easier to build your list because it proves how good your work is so that people will want to sign up. Building your business this way is not difficult you only have to contact website masters and let them know that you are offering up your content (with your byline) for use on their websites. You will be sure to get a good response if you know what the webmasters are looking for and are honest in your approach. It’s just a simple way to get the most out of your newsletter content and leverage it to attract even more subscribers.

The subscription box itself plays a large role in list building. This is why you need to have it displayed on every page of your website. Make sure that it is always above the fold and that is visible to everyone. Don’t hide it away in a lot of clutter and ensure that it sticks out. You should move your box from its current hidden location and place it more prominently. You should also include call to actions in your content, so that your readers know about it. Let your readers know that they will be able to get a lot more of your information if they subscribe to your list. It is naive to think that your site’s visitors will simply sign up for your list because it is there. You need to make it obvious that you have something to offer.

This might sound like a strange tip but it makes sense to include a ‘sign up’ link in your newsletter. If you want to use a plain text newsletter then the link should be at the end of it. You might feel like this isn’t necessary or that it shouldn’t be required but you need to understand that it will have value later when your work gets passed around among friends or when it is reprinted. It’s simply a smart way to take advantage of every opportunity that will come your way through your subscribers.

The truth is that increasing your number of subscribers is easy if you know what you’re doing. Use these tips to get better results.


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