3 SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid at All Costs

When you make mistakes during search engine optimization, sometimes it hurts more than your ranking and can get your site banned. Below are SEO mistakes that you should be careful of.

Many SEO marketers focus their campaigns around the wrong keywords. The reason why it’s important to choose the right keywords is simple: people when looking for a certain topic, they’ll use a set of keywords. For an SEO marketer looking to sell something related to dog training, it would be important to use keywords not only related to the niche, but also to purchasing. For a marketing campaign to sell an ebook on dog training, the best keywords would be “learn dog training.” Clearly, the wrong keywords might hurt your sales rather than help them. Get a long list of good keywords relevant to your niche, so you can send even more traffic to your website. Different web marketers will generate their keyword lists in different ways, but an easy method to get some powerful keywords is to use Google’s Keywords tool. In addition to generating quality lists of keywords, these tools don’t cost anything to use. If you’re not satisfied with a free service, try paid keyword research services like Word Tracker for keyword lists more focused on exactly what you’re looking for. In the end, make sure you’re confident that you’ve chosen the correct keywords to target, because otherwise you could waste a lot of time optimizing content for the wrong words. Don’t make the mistake of only paying attention to outbound links and forgetting about internal links. Making optimal use of internal linking can help your site a lot, as this is something the search engines favor, as on sites such as Wikipedia. There are many reasons why search engines favor sites that have good internal linking but the biggest is that when you have a good network of internal links, it shows that your site is resourceful and people will be able to find what they want on it easily by following these links. It isn’t complicated to accomplish this, as you simply have to decide which pages you want to link together and put your keywords in anchor text. For this to work, though, you can’t just add links wherever you feel like it. Your internal linking network has to make sense to both the search engines and the people who visit your site.

You should avoid the temptation of hiring SEO services that promise you a huge number of backlinks or top rankings very quickly. These companies usually depend on blackhat or unethical ways to get your site ranked. Yet, you won’t be able to fool the search engines for long, and then your rank and general credibility will be harmed. Before hiring any kind of SEO service, then, you should do a little investigating by asking others who have used them. If you want to outsource SEO, that’s fine as long as you know who you are dealing with. So if you want your search engine optimization efforts to get you lasting results, it’s important to keep these mistakes in mind so you don’t make them without knowing it.

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