3 Simple List Building Tips for Your Online Business

There are lots of ways to build your e-mail list but finding the best ways is important. If you want to take your business to the next level, you will need to follow the tips that we are going to talk about in this letter.

Make your subscribers feel special, not just when they’re signing up, but even after they get on to your list. When they subscribe to your list, give them something that they can actually use. For example, if you’re building a list targeted towards the “dog training” niche, then you can write and give away a 50 page PDF report detailing various dog training tricks. The potential is actually limitless when it comes to giving your subscribers what they need, as a gift and making them feel special. This will create a good bond between you and the people on your list and it will help you make more money.

So, don’t just reward people for signing up, give gifts other times as well. This will make your list worthwhile to be a part of and it will keep people from unsubscribing. If you over-deliver on your promises to your subscribers you will see your opt-out rate flat line. If your subscribers give you good testimonials, fill out surveys for you or bring in more subscribers you should reward them. Everybody likes receiving free stuff and there’s no better way to win your list’s trust. So make your subscribers feel appreciated and soon you’ll realize how important this one step is.

The subscription box itself plays a large role in list building. The subscription box needs to be on every single page of your website. Make sure that it is always above the fold and that is visible to everyone. Do not try to hide it under a lot of clutter or blend it in. If you have the box on the bottom or in the corner of your pages it needs to be moved. The content on your site should call people to action and make them want to sign up to hear more from you. Let your readers know that they will be able to get a lot more of your information if they subscribe to your list. It is not a good idea to simply hope that site visitors will want to take action and sign up with out having incentive to do so. You have to make it obvious to them so that subscribing becomes easier.

Here is a tip for list building that others won’t share with you: leverage your blog for your list. Blogging is an effective way to communicate and pass on targeted messages to your prospects and all those potential customers. A synergy can easily be created by using blogging and e-mail marketing at the same time. Be sure that each post you write includes your opt-in form. If you don’t want to go the paid way, then you can simply start a free blog at WordPress or Blogger.com. Another blogging tips you will find interesting: post on other blogs. When you leave useful comments on someone else’s blog you can have that blog link back to your squeeze page. You can also use trackbacks to comment on blogs. In lots of cases you will have these comments posted with a link to your website. This is an easy way to increase your site’s popularity while simultaneously building your list.

All in all, building a targeted subscriber list takes effort and time. These tips should help make it a little bit easier for you to build your list.


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