3 Simple Tips to Build Your List

Building an e-mail list of your own for your business is a very important step that all IMers must take. Here are some tips that you can use to help you with your list building efforts.

One easy tip that will help you build your list is to do advertising swaps with other zine publishers. You’ll find many newsletter publishers in your niche who have a good number of subscribers and who are willing to swap ads with you to grow mutually. This is the simplest joint venture out there and it is one of the best. All you have to do is find other publishers in your chosen niche and try to make contact with them. Tell them that you want to exchange ad space and promote their business. Typically publishers are happy to do this but if someone says “no” then all you have to do is contact someone else. Putting your own twist on this specific tip can make it more effective.

Your subscription box is a very important part of your list building. This is why you should have it placed on all pages of your site. Make sure that it is above the fold of your site and that everyone can see it. Do not try to hide it under a lot of clutter or blend it in. You should be able to easily adjust your subscription box to sit anywhere on the page that you like. You should also include call to actions in your content, so that your readers know about it. Let them know that they can receive much more information for free if they subscribe to your list. It is not a good idea to simply hope that site visitors will want to take action and sign up with out having incentive to do so. You need to make it easy for them to subscribe by giving them incentives to do so.

Here’s a list building tip that you won’t find elsewhere: leverage blogging for your list building. Blogging is a great way to communicate and to pass on specific messages to prospective subscribers and customers. It goes hand in hand with email marketing and creates a nice synergy. Make sure all of your blog posts include your opt-in box. If you are concerned about the cost of blogging you can set up free sites at WordPress.com and Blogger.com. Another tip that involves blogs is to go and post on other blogs. Post thoughtful and relevant comments on other blogs in your niche and use them to link to your squeeze page. Trackbacks are another way to leave comments on other peoples’ blogs. Typically your comments will be posted on the website and include a link back to your page. This is a very easy way to get very targeted traffic (and more subscribers). In conclusion, use the tips outlined in this article to build your own e-mail list.


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