3 Take-Home Benefits of Article Marketing

The internet is so powerful because everyone who is on it is part of multiple markets, and it represents a truly global audience. Also consider that there are multitudes of ways to promote your products/services, and among them is the tried and true method that is article marketing. Online businesses prefer article marketing for quite a few reasons, not the least of which is its low pressure on the wallet. In this article we shall be looking into a few article marketing benefits so you get to know why you should be using it for your own online business.

One of the most prominent benefit article marketing offers is it lets you presell products in the best possible way. The art of pre-selling in copy, or articles, is necessary if you are to ever realize the greatest returns on your efforts. It’s like you warm them up and get them into a buying mindset so that when they reach the sales page, they are ready to buy the product you presold through your articles. Why is it that articles can pre-sell so effectively? First, there is never an attempt to sell; and then the ability that articles have to tap into large numbers of people and just talk to them. For example, there are many Internet marketers who write ‘review articles’ that are nothing but straightforward reviews of products that they are preselling. Reviews and any preselling serves to create a neutral bridge between a cold prospect who has never seen you before and your marketing copy. You can start to presell almost any product by simply writing an honest review about it, without sounding too sales oriented. The articles you write and publish anywhere are working to pre-sell the reader, and really it’s nothing more or nothing less. The other benefit of article marketing is that it gives you exposure even after you’ve actively stopped promoting the articles. It’s very common for articles to continue providing traffic for years after they’re published. Why should any site delete your article, assuming it’s good quality, after they have put it on their site? It is no surprise that content will be read by those who are looking for your subject. Besides that, if your articles were written with a few targeted keywords in mind, you’ll also see that the articles stay in the search results for a long time, bringing you targeted traffic. What we have just discussed are yet even more fantastic benefits of article marketing.

Articles also allow you to create your own persona and online reputation as an expert in your market. When someone is looking for solutions to problems, they will tend to trust an expert more than anyone else. Hence the critical role played by showing your visitors how much you know as well as any awards you have, etc.

The end result of your good efforts will reward you with a responsive list of people in your market. If you publish only a handful of articles, that isn’t enough, so be sure to at least have a decent number of articles; make them good and solid and people will become accustomed to reading them. If you’re not already an expert in your market, you can be with enough research and article writing about it.

The thing about article writing is you get back what you put into it.

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