3 Take-Home Benefits of Article Marketing

You will never see the kinds of sales numbers that will make you smile without the power of targeted traffic. It’s understandable and not surprising that people always tend to think about traffic as either what you have to pay out of pocket, or what is free. However, for beginner marketers, if budget is a concern, then the absolute best traffic method to use is article marketing. If someone just walked up to you and mentioned, article marketing, what are your initial thoughts? True, just like anything else you do online, you will have to learn the ins and outs of article marketing, but there’s nothing tough about it. You, too, can reap all the fun, profits, and these 3 benefits from article marketing – so keep reading to find out all about it.

The biggest benefit of article marketing is that the traffic that you generate through it is highly targeted. In other words, the people who will read your article and visit your website have already shown interest in your article.

Articles also act a lot like sales letter headlines only in the sense that they weed-out people who are not interested for whatever reason. Naturally there is a tendency for your readers to have some knowledge about the subject of your articles. If you do a good job of pre-selling, or informing, people on your subject, then they will want to know more and visit your site. Obviously your conversion rate will depend on your article, the resource box, the landing page, etc. But still, you’ve won half the battle when you drive only those visitors to your site that are interested in what you’re offering.

Very many marketers appreciate the flexibility found in articles because the whole process is conducive to backlink building. Perhaps what most marketers prefer is submitting their various articles to the article directories, and some of them are highly regarded authority sites. No doubt that these directories will help quite a bit with your backlinking power.

You really can work to maximize the number of articles available for your niche because of the number of keywords/phrases that exist for all niches. For example, if your site is about “dog training”, you can link your articles to (which will obviously be about dog training) and have them submitted to various article directories. Be sure to help your articles rank well in the search engines by making your anchor text relevant to your article keywords. You can take advantage of articles and directories for getting useful and relevant backlinks to your website.

Going still further, you can take your articles and put them into another format like a PDF or even a video, and then you have more marketing materials with half the effort. Video marketing, free ebook download sites, sell it on Amazon for very low price. No matter what you do, be darn sure to put your links or URL domain name in everything you create with your articles. You will still have to learn more about doing article marketing more effectively, but the overall costs versus benefit ratio is superb for online businesses.

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