3 Take-Home Benefits of Article Marketing

Perhaps any experienced internet marketer is well aware of how powerful article marketing can be, and it’s versatility has been aptly demonstrated by thousands of online businesses. Given below are 3 unique benefits that you can derive out of article marketing.

Pre-selling can be extremely effective if you know the proper way to do it, and that is just one huge advantage found in article marketing. If you are an affiliate or even a product owner, you should know the value of preselling. It’s like you warm them up and get them into a buying mindset so that when they reach the sales page, they are ready to buy the product you presold through your articles. Why is it that articles can pre-sell so effectively? It’s because you can reach out to a wider audience and talk to them about their problems and concerns, without even selling or trying to sell. If you have ever read a review article, or seen a review website, then that is a perfect example of pre-sell copy. You’ll find that review copy, just like any presell copy, will serve to create a pathway between a basically skeptical reader and the sales copy that will be read down the line. You can write preselling copy and package it in a number of ways; so just keep in mind that it’s not just reviews. Your aim with such an article is to recommend the product so that the prospect understands the benefits of it. You may not know this, especially if you’ve never done article marketing, but they can be a terrific method for creating an optin email list. At the bottom of your article is your resource box, and so all you need to do is include one/more links to your landing page. Your optin box will be on your landing/squeeze page, and then after they sign-up and confirm, they’re on your list. This landing page will act as the destination site for your visitors that you generate from your articles. You can write as many articles as you desire, and then point them all to your sign-up page for opting in to your list.

A side benefit, but a good one, that articles confer on you is the ability to establish yourself in your market as an authority. And it’s understandable that people on the net, or anywhere really, only want to deal with or take advice from someone who they feel is an expert. So in order to reach out to a larger audience, it’s important for you to show them your expertise, which will help you get a following.

You will discover that if you know what you’re talking about and provide real value with your content, then your audience will begin to listen to what you have to say. If you publish only a handful of articles, that isn’t enough, so be sure to at least have a decent number of articles; make them good and solid and people will become accustomed to reading them. Over time you can attain expert status, depending on the niche of course, if you continue writing and performing good research for your content.

All in all, the benefits you can derive out of article marketing are immense, but how you utilize it for your online business is what really counts.

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