3 Things You’ll Love About Article Marketing

If you realize the benefits and power inherent in article marketing, then you will be much better able to use that power. Here are three significant benefits of article marketing and how you can harness that power.

Article marketing, among other things, is all about exposure; and you take use that to help raise the page rank of which ever site you’re driving traffic to with your articles. That’s right; along with the benefit of building your backlinks, it can also help you boost the PR of your site. Sites that pass their PR to you are using dofollow links, and they are around and available – you have to look for them. You can always try to find site owners who may be open to allowing you to publish your article with your link on their sites. It can take time finding a site that will allow you to guest blog/write; and that’s why many people just submit to article directories.

If you only produce high quality articles, then you will be developing a strong reputation and creating positive feelings. If you offer true value in your articles, then they will stand out because there is so much crappy content on the web. If your articles are well written, then your readers are obviously going to be impressed in more than one way. This means, if you’re promoting a product in relation to the article, your readers will want to check it out. People online tend to do business with those whom they trust and like, and that is a fact. That is why and exactly how articles are effective in driving the highest quality targeted traffic to a website.

One common approach with articles is repurposing them into new formats, such as a PDF, and used for marketing. You can easily post your video to Youtube, or put your PDF on sites that offer free PDFs. You can enjoy increased reach by including your links in the PDF, or of course mentioning your URL in your videos, etc. You can do a lot with articles, and just remember that the method of article marketing is an evergreen approach in online business. This method is extremely versatile, and it is available to just about anyone with enough desire and dedication to succeed. It gives great results, which is why you shouldn’t be ignoring it.

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