3 Time-Tested Internet Marketing Strategies For Your Business

There are several factors responsible for the tremendous upsurge seen with internet marketing, and the this trend has no apparent end in sight. In this articles we’ll cover just a few good online marketing tips you can put to good use right away.

While article marketing is not a new concept, there are only a few Internet marketers really making use of the benefits it offers.

Perhaps the easiest way to benefit from any article marketing you do is to write articles that abide by a proven pattern. Begin your article with a strong headline to attract attention, then write an opening paragraph to arouse interest, followed by the bulk of the article to build desire and, finally, end with a resource box that contains a good call to action. This formula is known as AIDA in copywriting circles, but it can also be put to good use for article marketing. When you create articles for marketing purposes, remember to keep the focus of the article on addressing one problem area, so you can offer your readers a solution within the resource box at the end. Highlight the difficulties surrounding their problem and educate them about that topic. In no way should your article do any kind of selling, but it should focus on the pre-selling aspect. The object is to entice your readers to want to learn more so they’ll eventually turn into prospects. But when you write articles that are too vague and un-interesting, you won’t find much of a response from your readers. The idea behind creating and publishing articles is to generate a stream of targeted traffic, not impress readers with your command of the English language. To accomplish this, keep the flow of your articles smooth and be sure you lead the reader to click on the link to your site that you left in your resource box so they can learn more about your offer. Article marketing can be very highly leveraged for great results if you keep these things in mind.

Our next strategy for you is SEO, or search engine optimization. Before you think we’re talking about the usual SEO stuff, what we want to go over is involves particular methods for capturing the attention of your target audience. Let’s talk instead about low monthly search volume keywords/phrases.

Why would you go for such keywords? The first thing is because they have low competition, which means they are easy to rank for. Also, you can find keywords like this with a nice amount of search volume. So, you may have heard about long tail keywords because they have three to four words in them. The thing about these terms is they reflect a surfer who has a better idea of what they want. The cool thing about these particular keyword phrases is they have a more narrower focus and intent with the surfer. It’s best to view this as a longer term approach, but it’s one that can bring you traffic for a long time. In time you can have many thousands of visitors without buying advertising. However you need to learn how to do this properly, and proper choice of keywords is critical in this process.

In addition, send emails to webmasters and bloggers in your niche and request that they add your site’s link to their webpages, because this helps you get more of the backlinks essential for higher search engine rankings. If you form a friendship with these people via email before you ask for a link, they’re more likely to respond positively to your request.

Internet marketing is really not tough to do, and it isn’t rocket science either, however it is necessary for you to learn and gain knowledge.

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