3 Unique Benefits of Article Marketing

Thousands of internet marketers publish their articles online every single day. Not many of them, however, get the writer the kind of traffic or sales he was after. People who do article marketing want their articles to generate website traffic so they can sell their products. We will now discuss some of the main advantages of using article marketing to promote your internet business.

All Internet marketers realize the benefit of growing their rankings in the search engines. It’s one of the best things that can happen to your website, period. Article marketing helps you out in this area by giving you an easy way to increase your page rank. The page ranking of your site has a major influence on the kind of ranking you will get for your website in Google, which is currently the leading search engine. When you distribute your articles online, they create backlinks, and when you get relevant backlinks, your page rank increases. The steeper the number of high grade backlinks your have obtained, the better your page rank will be. What’s more, a lot of these article directories have steep page ranks, meaning they will be handing it over to your site. Your page rank is not only valuable and important in the eyes of Google but is also a positive sign in front of your visitors. If you plan to sell your website someday, having a good standing page rank will allow you go ask a higher price. So there are a lot of benefits to making your page rank soar and article marketing can for sure help you with it. One more spectacular benefit of article marketing is the usual flow of traffic you’ll get from the search engines as well as the additional websites that have published your articles. There are several marketers that are still receiving traffic from their old articles that were published quite some time ago. The rationale for this is the Internet has become an information powerhouse that is running 24-7 and being fed with optimum quality content. When your articles are distinctive and offer relevant info to the readers, they not only increase their rankings in the search engines but also get distributed in newsletter, ezines and websites that publish third party content. This just proves that your articles have an ability to direct new visitors to your site again and again, without having to spend money on them. It’s free traffic for eternity and the best thing is it’s highly targeted.

Your readers will continue to return for more if you post often to your target niches. This shows that you’re in a way building a relationship with your target market and giving them what they want at no cost. Your suggestions, your advice, your tips, the overall knowledge that you share with your readers will help you establish yourself as a leading authority in your given niche. When your readers start seeing you as someone they can trust and believe, they’ll turn to you when they are looking for an expert. Your products and ideas will be regarded as truth because your readers will trust in what they know about you from the bond you’ve built. It is easy to make sales once you’re at this point.

There is simply no better way than article marketing to get so much traffic from so many sources, all without spending a dime. It’s a method that, when done right, can bring you good results in a short time.

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