3 Very Effective Copywriting Hints You Can Use Today

One of the most common questions new copywriters ask is: why isn’t my copy converting when I’m doing everything right? There are a few things that all new copywriters need to remember when they are creating copy. If you want to have a better understanding of copywriting, read this article.

Don’t you think that the person reading your copy can benefit from what you are selling with your sales copy? In addition to copywriting skills,writers need to know how to make a sales letter sound trustworthy and worth believing. Another way of putting this is that you need to support your copy with testimonials from previous buyers and other market experts. Even if you have the best copy skills out there and your writing is beautiful, having testimonials will help you increase your rate of conversion. You are more likely to trust something other people have found trustworthy–it is human nature to need proof. Ask previous buyers if they will be willing to contribute a testimonial to your product’s sales letter. You could even ask them for a video or an audio testimonial (if that is something they feel comfortable giving you) which your new prospects will find more convincing than the traditional text testimonial. If you are new and do not have previous buyers to ask for this you might consider giving your product to some of the experts in your field and asking for a review. Once they have tried out your product all you have to do is ask them to give you a testimonial so that you can use it in your copy. Expert testimonials help you gain credibility in your market and helps you make your sales–there is no way to deny this. If you want your copywriting to be effective, another point you have to remember is to make everything straightforward and understandable. Don’t put in ten different things in your copy and make it confusing. The main point of your copy is always to make your audience aware of what your product can do for them. When you write your sales copy, you should always pretend that you are talking to one individual. In other words, use “you” rather than “they.” You should strive to make the reader feel like a unique individual. It should be a one to one talk, rather than you talking to a group of people. Why do you want to do this? The first thing this does is make your prospect feel like everything you say is meant for him or her. Additionally, this allows your potential customers to feel more connected to you. You can then start to develop lasting relationships with people and they will come to trust you. When your copy gives your prospect the feeling that he/she can relate to you, they will feel more comfortable buying from you.

Always remember the AIDA formula when you’re creating your sales letter. That means you need to take your prospect through this four step formula in order to make your copy successful. The formula is Attention, which you first capture, Interest, which you have to gain, Desire, which you create and Action, which you want them to take. You can get very impressive results from this copywriting formula that has been used successfully for a long time.

In conclusion, work on honing your copywriting skills and you’ll be rewarded with increased sales and expansionm in your online business.

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