A Genuine Analysis of Confidential Conversions

Confidential Conversions happens to be the latest product to come from super affiliate Philip Mansour’s stable. Mansour is recognized for his wisdom when it comes to CPA and can provide the best tips in this particular area. This is not your everyday Internet marketing course; in fact it focuses only on providing you with how to get the most from your CPA campaigns. Confidential Conversions go beyond the limits and allow you a step-by-step method to achieve success with CPA marketing by tapping into PPC networks that are little known. It is of no matter whether you’re a newcomer or a savvy CPA marketer, you’ll learn a lot in this course. The whole course is about making the most out of PPC networks that you’ll be using in conjunction with CPA offers. In summary, you’ll figure out how to put your ads on these networks so that you can lure people to click on them. Through these ads you will be directing traffic toward your offers, where you’ll be paid a select amount of money for each action completed. Confidential Conversions shows you how to gain larger returns on your investment when placing these ads. The less you pay for the clicks, the higher will be your profits. The course goes into more detail to offer you the top resources and advice to assist you in becoming successful. It is put together with 3 ample video modules, containing more than 30 instructional videos for you to look through. Here’s what you will find in the modules:

Module 1: Network Traffic Watch

Google, Bing and Yahoo! Are the go to platforms for PPC, until you find out that there are others out there that allow you to get lots of traffic with your CPA offers. This module is great for learning what it takes to earn more from CPA, and with little investment on your part. You’ll finally see how you can use these never heard of PPC networks to expand your business. You will also find out why your ad’s cost comes down and how to remedy it.

Module 2: Mobile Match Maker

This module has been aptly named as the Mobile Match Maker because it shows you how to match the right CPA offers with mobile phone networks! That’s right; advertising on these networks will allow you to get clicks at a low cost because many marketers aren’t using them. That means you’ll benefit from there being almost know competition.

Module 3:Not Really Organic

This module tells you how to use search engine traffic to your advantage by utilizing some secret methods. What you will get from this will not be about learning SEO, but on how you can use certain sites to get more traffic. Once you get a hold of the info, it will not be too difficult to understand.

After reviewing the individual modules, you can tell that Confidential Conversions will be wonderful for online marketers that want to become successful with CPA marketing.

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