Affiliate Marketing Can Make You Rich As Long As You Do What Is Proven To Work

Affiliate marketing is engulfed in misconceptions and misinformation. Finally, you can learn what affiliate marketing is really about.

One misconception is that the only way to get started is with paid traffic.

The statement is true but not telling the entire story. Free traffic can get your site the exposure that you need it to have in order to make an okay living. Who wouldn’t want free traffic? Free traffic is appealing. Taking the time to master something like Google Adwords or another paid traffic source can be your first step to becoming a super affiliate; we all know that super affiliates almost exclusively use paid methods to receive the size paychecks that they are accustomed to. But saying that you simply can’t make money with affiliate marketing unless you pay for the traffic is wrong. There are many affiliate marketers who have made thousands of dollars in commissions without investing anything except time. More times than not, paid methods will bring you the success that you are after.

Another affiliate marketing myth is that there is just too much competition to deal with. Don’t fall for this misinformation because it is not true. Don’t get scared when you see that an affiliate program has thousands of affiliates promoting that product. The majority of affiliates who sign up for a program don’t even put in the effort to get traffic. In other words, 95% of the affiliates don’t make any money or just earn a small income, while the rest of 5% takes home the moolah. If you still are scared then you can choose a product or niche that has less “competition.”

Another silly myth is that affiliate marketing is a spam. In fact, promoting products through affiliate marketing is an excellent way to generate some money. This myth has arisen because there are some affiliate marketers who have resorted to spam which has given the whole industry a bad reputation. But the entire affiliate system and the companies that run it are completely genuine and pay out a lot of money in commissions regularly. On the contrary they actually do everything they can to avoid spam and to get rid of spammers. They have a strict anti-spam policy and employ a lot of systems to ensure it doesn’t happen.

Sadly, the myths above are running rampant among new affiliates. So, don’t listen to just anyone because they might not even know what they are talking about.

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