Article Marketing Is Far More Powerful Than Many People Realize

Many internet marketers first start promoting products using article marketing. Given below are the benefits you can derive from article marketing and learn how it can help you get more exposure for your online business.

An important benefit of article marketing is that it helps you increase your site’s page rank. Simply, the higher your page rank the better, especially in Google’s eyes. Backlinks are added to your site every time you publish an article that has a link that goes to your site; the more sites you can get a single article on the more backlinks you have. However, when your article lands on pages that have a high page rank, it gets contributed to your page. You can’t have all high PR backlinks pointing to your site because that is impossible, but you should focus on getting as many as possible if you are in a competitive niche. The largest share of internet searches belong to Google so; why not optimize your site for them? Your page rank can take you a long way with Google, in fact, you will appear in the search engines ahead of many of your competitors if you have it. Your article marketing can go viral and bring you traffic from all around the globe. What’s more, when you increase your page rank this way, it stays the same for long because your articles published on the other websites can be there for years. Also, it is important to note that if you ever decide to sell your site that it will demand a higher price if it has a high page rank.

Aside from direct traffic, article marketing also gives you good quality, relevant one way backlinks that can help your site’s search engine ranking. These will be quality, relevant backlinks that come from the websites, blogs and directories where you send your articles. Every Internet marketer knows the value of building quality inbound links, and article marketing makes this possible. Another beneficial thing that often happens is that your article will get published on sites where you didn’t even send it, bringing you additional backlinks. The best part about building your links with articles is that you don’t have to pay for it nor do you have to depend on any unethical methods. The links you get from articles can be very good for your rankings, as they come from directories with high page rank which are looked upon favorably by the search engines. You can also get these backlinks without having to write many hundreds of articles. You can make good progress with your search engine rank by simply submitting a handful of good quality, relevant articles.

You have found the best way to build your online credibility. There is no quicker way to build a relationship with your readers than by teaching them something useful in your content. Keep sharing topnotch information and before you know it you will be well known in your niche. Keep it up and you can dominate a niche or get a slice of a large market.

Follow the tips in this article and you will be on you way to article marketing success.

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