Article Marketing Works – Find Out Why

Article marketing is quite possibly the best way to get traffic to your website. The following are a few great tips for using article marketing to its fullest potential.

Relevant and targeted visitors through one way backlinks is a great benefit of article marketing. If you’ve been into Internet marketing even for a little while, you will know the value of getting high quality backlinks to your site. High search rankings are key in bringing inbound links to your site, and this depends on your SEO or search engine optimization. One of the great benefits of writing your own articles then distributing them is you create many backlinks to your site from multiple directories or sites. If you want to get ahead of the game there is no better way, since in the long run your search engine position will improve with the multiple backlinks. You can also use automated article distribution services that are available online. What a way to boost the incoming links to your site, by allowing these services to simply post your articles to hundreds of relevant websites. Simply sign up for their service, then submit your articles that relate to your niche to them and let them do the rest. Whether you choose manual or automatic distribution, the fact remains that article marketing will directly and indirectly benefit your business over time. There is a lot of front end effort to article marketing, but it is worth it when you begin to see the fruits of your labor through traffic on your site from all areas of the web.

One other thing you can do with article marketing is you can use it to create an email list comprised of your subscribers. Emailing lists are extremely valuable and you will likely hear lots of internet marketing professionals let you know that the money is definitely in that list. Your articles are only producing prequalified traffic, so it makes sense to use them for email lists. It’s easy to see how simple it would be generate such a list from the articles. All it takes is a section where people can opt in and then you can offer them a video, or an ebook for free if they subscribe. Publishing multiple articles will let you send lots of traffic to your opt in page where you can then build a large list of emails from people you know are interested in what you’re offering. Once you’ve set up a system of multiple articles that are sending streams of traffic your way, you only need to nurture the people on that list.

You will find yourself marketing better articles when you are known as credible in your target niche. Another great benefit of article marketing is your ability to gain credibility within your market. Through your internet articles you will be trusted to recommend products and services and your customers won’t hesitate to take your advice. This is all made possible by your own efforts to update and add to your articles regularly. Yes, it takes time and effort but the long run rewards are worth it. In conclusion, persistence on your part will help article marketing work for you.

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