Avoid These Mistakes if You Hope To Market Successfully on Twitter

Twitter and other social networking sites are now among the most popular destinations on the internet. Marketing on Twitter can help you get traffic but it’s also important to keep yourself away from simple mistakes that can kill your campaign.

It’s essential that you are clear about who your targeted prospects are when you market on Twitter. The kinds of prospects you want for your business are available on Twitter, but if you approach them with irrelevant information, they would soon lose interest in you. If people follow you to get information on a certain topic, don’t make the mistake of sending out too many tweets on unrelated subjects. This often happens because marketers want to build relationships with their followers, which is valid. At the same time, though, it’s important to stay on topic most of the time. If you’re going to mix too much of random information in your tweeting, then obviously your followers would feel that you’re off track. Once in a while there is absolutely no harm in tweeting fun stuff that your followers would like.

Yet most of your tweeting should center around your primary niche. That means if your main topic is golf, then you should be mostly focused on giving your followers information on this subject. If you forget about your topic and tweet about whatever crosses your mind, you’ll find your list of followers shrinking.

If you don’t leverage your list of followers in the best way possible, you’re making another Twitter marketing mistake. This isn’t to say you should expect your followers to do your marketing or selling for you. What you can do, however, is build up your list of followers by enlisting the help of your current followers. Are you wondering how to do this? The secret is simply asking your followers to re-send (or re-tweet) your more interesting tweets to their own followers! It isn’t a complicated request.

Everyone has his or her own list of followers, so this way one tweet can virally go out to many new people. This can bring in the snowball effect when the re-tweeting starts with full force. So don’t fail to make use of this resource your followers represent just because you don’t want to ask them. Don’t worry about sounding unprofessional because there’s nothing wrong in directly asking them. You want to learn how to expand your influence on Twitter as efficiently as possible.

Being too closed and reserved on Twitter is a mistake because this site is a social networking platform. If forming strong relationships is something you want to do, you need to work on being more social with people. This really isn’t difficult because there are a number of ways you can interact with people here. You can answer questions, take part in discussions and also ask questions to others. All in all, Twitter can really send your business soaring and it can make you lots of money if you use it the proper way and you stay away from the mistakes you just learned about.

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