Avoiding the Most Frequently Made Mistakes with Twitter Marketing

Many online marketers are discovering how effective Twitter can be as a way to promote their products and services. We will now look at some of the most serious mistakes marketers often make with Twitter so you can won’t make them.

Some marketers neglect to post their photos to their profiles, which does not do their marketing campaigns any good. Having a picture of yourself on your profile tells the world that you aren’t afraid to show yourself to people. Your picture is also an important way for people to identify you so your face becomes familiar to them. Using a photo will increase your credibility and help your marketing efforts. On the other hand, avoid using pictures that promote anything you are selling, as your goal is to connect with people on a personal basis. As a Twitter marketer you should try and be as genuine as possible due to the amount of scams going around. If you present yourself in an honest way, half of your battle is won. So don’t ignore this simple tip because it will invariably affect the kind of response you get.

One other major mistake that people new to Twitter make is thinking that people will just start following them out of the blue and that they don’t need to make any real effort to get them. Don’t wait for people to find you; start following others so you can start getting their attention so that they will follow you back. Does that seem confusing? It’s simple: you want people who are part of your targeted market to follow you.

When you go out there and start following people they are notified of that and, often, will start following you as well. A practical idea is to follow an expert in your field who has a lot of followers himself and follow him too. It is a whole get and give kind of relationship that helps you succeed. But if you’re just going to sit there and wait for followers, it’ll take a long time before you accumulate them.

If you are new to Twitter, focus first on creating interesting and targeted tweets and then start building up your list of followers. You won’t be able to find a lot of interest from other people as far as following is concerned when you have irrelevant tweets posted on your profile. A marketer who is targeting the fishing niche, for example, should be posting tweets that give away tips on fishing. This is a simple but very effective way to gain a large number of followers. Your goal is to have a good number of quality tweets in your niche so that when prospects visit your page, they are eager to follow you. If you want to be able to promote to your followers, and have them pick your products over your competitors’, you have to keep giving them high quality content. All in all, you can avoid these Twitter marketing mistakes if you keep them in mind.

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