Avoiding These Twitter Mistakes Can Take Your Marketing Business Far

Have you ever wondered if Twitter could actually help you in your promotion of a product? It definitely can, but you need to make sure to stay away from these common mistakes if you really want to make it.

Twitter is all about forming relationships, and if you just start promoting your wares without forming a relationship with anyone, you’ll instantly lose. You first need to concentrate on forming these bonds with your contacts before you actually start sending them tweets about your products. It’s important to win their trust before anything else so that in the future when you start to market to them, they won’t even feel that you are. Twitter marketing isn’t like other forms of marketing in that it’s not really marketing at all. It’s merely a tool to get to know your target audience. The idea is to let that trust build in so that any products or services you promote in the future will be extremely well received. You are just alleviating a problem they may have and this alleviation comes from the products you promote. You aren’t really selling so much as you are recommending the products to them. There is absolutely no way that you can make it big on Twitter by skipping this crucial part. If you don’t heed the warning, you’re likely to fail. Think how you would feel if someone just tweeted you about a product without even knowing who they were. You have to build a foundation here by sharing useful tweets that contain targeted information, only then can you think about working on the marketing part.

If you don’t leverage your list of followers in the best way possible, you’re making another Twitter marketing mistake. This isn’t to say you should expect your followers to do your marketing or selling for you. The goal, rather, is to increase your number of followers with the help of the ones you have already. So what is involved in this process? It’s as simple as asking your followers to re-tweet your interesting tweets! That’s it.

This is a simple form of viral marketing, as your original tweet can quickly spread to your followers’ followers. Your tweet can end up reaching thousands of new people, many who may end up following you. So don’t fail to make use of this resource your followers represent just because you don’t want to ask them. Don’t worry about sounding unprofessional because there’s nothing wrong in directly asking them. You should always be looking out for such simple methods of reaching more people on Twitter.

New Twitter marketers sometimes make the mistake of neglecting to post any content to their Twitter account before accumulating many followers. You can’t expect people to want to follow you until you’ve demonstrated an ability to create interesting content on your chosen topic. Your own Twitter page should serve as an advertisement for your potential followers.

So before you actually take up the task of growing your follower count, put in some effort to actually tweet some targeted information related to your niche, so that when they see your page, they should feel the need to follow you. All in all, Twitter marketing can do wonders for your business, if you know how to utilize it without making the above mistakes.

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