Backlinks – How To Do It The Right Way

If there’s any aspect of SEO that is indispensable it is getting links, or sometimes just called: backlinking. If you really want to see tons of free traffic hitting your webpage, then this is the way to go. Not all backlinks are equal, so if you desire to stay out in front of your competitors, then you should do this part of SEO the right way. Poor quality backlinks is one of the hallmark mistakes that newer marketers tend to commit. But if you plan out a link building campaign that has every little piece in place, then you can overtime improve your search engine ranking and also get a higher Google Page Rank. Most marketers are only concerned about the backlink, but if you get high quality backlinks you can get some traffic, too.

In the earlier days, people used to indulge into reciprocal linking or link exchange, but this practice is losing its charm because the search engines now prefer one way or one sided links instead. Given below are a some link building tips that are simple to apply but give great results.

You can’t forget about the content on your site when you think about link building. Building links is important, but having quality content on your site is even more essential. Link building alone won’t get you very far if the content on your site is irrelevant or of poor quality. If you succeed at getting lots of traffic to your site, your content still has to be good to keep your visitors there. The fact is, the search engines also consider the content of the site where your links are pointing, so poor content won’t get you results. Also, you need to make sure that the pages you’re linking to have good content and are relevant to your website’s theme. Backlinks from sites that are irrelevant to your niche will not impress the search engines.

Have you ever noticed when searching online, the presence of “Squidoo Lens” pages on the first page of the search engine results? Creating a Squidoo lens is an easy and effective means to build quality backlinks. They are very fast and easy to build, and then you just keep adding optimzed content to them. What’s more, these links are “anchor text” links, which means you can easily insert your keywords in there for which you want to rank.

Placing a link in your signature when you post to online discussion forums is another easy way to get relevant backlinks. Find forums that get a high amount of traffic that are related to your niche, and participate frequently on them by answering questions and starting threads of your own. You can gain the status of an expert after a while, which means people will look at your signature and click on your link. What makes this so valuable? The links you get are from high ranking sites that are relevant to your niche. The moral of this story is that backlinks are critical, so is learning, and you should not ever quit getting them. If you do drop the ball and your position falls, then you will have to put in a lot of time and effort to regain lost ground.

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