Brand Insider Summit D2C

Brand Insider Summit D2C
Date: 2019-Nov-10
Location/City: Kiawah Island, South Carolina, USA
Topic: Digital Marketing
Price to Attend: $2895


DTC Meets Big Branding1

The great Direct-to-Consumer retail disruption has reached every imaginable category – from razors to connoisseur sneakers, custom pet food to dental braces. But this new generation of native digital brands now needs to scale – via traditional omnichannel and retail venues, TV and offline media. Meanwhile, many disrupted legacy brands are learning from the DTC upstarts – how to put digital first, reorganize marketing around unified data and even launch new DTC products and channels of their own.


The Brand Insider Summit: D2C brings these two worlds together as they head in each other’s direction. The digital natives have shown they can build new brands via data driven performance channels, but what can they learn from the TV and retail pros about scaling up? And what lessons can the traditional marketers learn from the D2C experience about overcoming siloed organization, following the data, and radical customer-first personalization?

From data strategy to performance marketing, personalization to digital brand building, cross screen media planning to building the tech stack to drive it all, the Brand Insider Summit explores how brands new and old are building a new direct path to consumers.

Come and join us at this event. For more details, please visit our official website.

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