Many websites promoting internet marketing products offer hundreds of bonuses as an incentive to get people like you to buy through their affiliate link. The reality is that rarely does anyone benefit from these “recycled” bonuses. offers you genuine savings through our cashback system  so you can spend on things you actually need to grow your business.  Who doesn’t like a good discount!

How Does it Work?

Very simple! For every product that you purchase via, we receive a compensation from the seller in form of a commission. As a token of appreciation to you, we give you back part of that commission so that you benefit from the lowest deal on the market.

In order to ensure that you have purchased the product and not requested a refund, your cashback is paid after the money back guarantee term of the product is over.

What Do You Need to Do to Claim your Cashback?

Step 1 – Browse Deals

Browse our site and choose from hundreds of exclusive cashback deals.

Our aim is to bring you the latest offers and product launches available.

Step 2 – Buy A Product

Any product you purchase using our link that has a cashback offer will earn you some money provided you haven’t requested a refund from the seller within the money back guarantee time frame. Simply click through to the sales page and complete your purchase.

We recommend clearing your browser cookies to ensure that all purchases are properly tracked by the affiliate networks we work with.

Step 3 – Claim Your Cashback

After you make a purchase through FreoReviews, please check your product’s money back guarantee terms. After the refund period is expired  (generally 30 days),  send us an email at the address below with your proof of purchase and your paypal email address where to send your cashback! It’s that simple. At this stage we only use paypal for processing cashbacks.

Check That You’re Using the Correct Link Before Purchasing A Product

All affiliate platforms use a Checkout Page for orders, which is the page that you’re redirected to when you click on a buy button. It’s on this checkout page (not on the sales page) where you can check if you are using our affiliate link prior to completing your purchase.

Below are the different ways for each platform to check and make sure our link is the last referral before the purchase takes place:

JVZoo: For purchases via the JVZoo platform, our affiliate ID is 211467.

On every JVZoo checkout page, in the “Terms of Sales” section, make sure our affiliate ID shows in your purchase link.

Paykickstart: On every Paykickstart checkout page, make sure our affiliate ID is 44235.

For purchases via WarriorPlus and other platforms, there is no way to check if our link is the last referral prior to making a purchase. So the best thing to do is to clear your browser cookies and then click on our link and complete your purchase.

For purchases of OTOs/Upsells, if you don’t see our affiliate ID displayed on the checkout page, just click on our “BUY” button link again and then go back to the OTO/Upsell sales page and complete your purchase.

We may be promoting products from the PayDotCom & InfusionSoft platforms but since we are not affiliates with these networks, cashback will not apply on sales made through these platforms.