Confidential Conversions Review – Nothing Held Back

You can make a killing with CPA marketing/advertising if you invest in your own learning and knowledge. Philip Mansour developed a new course called, Confidential Conversions, and in it he tells all he knows about the subject of CPA advertising. Mansour talks about fundamental and advanced approaches that he has used with great success over the years. But do be forewarned that this isn’t an internet marketing course. Only those marketers who desire to learn CPA, or expand their knowledge of CPA, should be interested in this. One other aspect of the course is you’ll become aware of particular PPC platforms where you can buy traffic at cheap prices. These are PPC platforms that have been underground until now. Where does Confidential Conversions derive it’s unique nature? It’s the ability you’ll have to achieve a level of mastery of PPC advertising on other networks. In addition, you’ll see exactly how to optimize your PPC campaigns for the least amount of ad spend. There’s a lot of information contained in the 30-plus videos spread-out in 3 marketing training modules. Ok, let’s move forward and examine those three modules a little closer.

Module 1: Network Traffic Reconnaissance – There really are some great and profitable PPC ad platforms that have not been over-run by internet marketers, and that’s what this module is about. For whatever rason the masses of IM marketers don’t bother with these sites, and that’s to your complete gain. However, there’s no question that some of the more savvy marketers have been using these platforms to make quite a bit of money. Once you’ve watched this training module, you can immediately get to work and get involved with these not-so-secret PPC platforms. Philip will also show you how to use these platforms most effectively, and you’ll be able to enjoy lower CPC fees.

Module 2: Mobile Match Maker – Many marketers are reluctant to get involved with mobile marketing, but you’ll be shown how you can do it very easily. Another important aspect of mobile marketing is knowing which offers convert the best, and that’s one more thing you’ll learn. One other interesting part of this is the low cost per clicks that are available because not every marketer and his mother are using it – right now.

Module 3: Artificially Organic – This module is concerned with organic search traffic, or search engines, and also how you can capture excellent traffic from it.

Yes, you too can learn a highly unique method to drive real organic search engine traffic to your offers.

If you’re really juiced about making money with CPA, then Confidential Conversions may be well worth your time and investment.

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