Confidential Conversions Review – Nothing Held Back

Even though you can make good money selling products/services online, there is something about CPA marketing that pulls everybody. CPA means Cost Per Action, and the payment occurs when you refer someone to some kind of offer, and they complete the action, or free offer. This course, Confidential Conversions, is all about CPA marketing, and the goal is teach both experienced and inexperienced how to be successful with CPA advertising/marketing. Philip Mansour, the course developer, has many years of affiliate marketing experience as well as CPA marketing, and he has enjoyed outstanding success and earnings.

Mr. Mansour has an easygoing teaching style, and he’ll show you all about CPA, and then the best ways to market your offers and get traffic. However, you should remember that this course is all about CPA offers and marketing your offers, and it’s not an IM (internet marketing) course. When you become a member and go through the course, you’ll be coming across PPC networks that the majority of CPA newbie’s have no idea about. These ad networks have been around for a while, but not many people have used them – but you can make serious money with them.

What distinguishes Confidential Conversions?

Well, actually there are several areas of distinction. You won’t be getting your hands on any rehashed information; most of what you learn in it will be new. Philip shows you how to take all those underground type PPC sites and then completely leverage them for even cheaper PPC CPC rates. Not only that, you’ll discover the conversion secrets to actually get a high return on your investment in the ads. The course contains 3 main modules having more than 30 unique videos that talk about the basics and as well as the advanced methods of succeeding with CPA. Below is an introduction to the three training modules.

Module 1: Network Traffic Reconnaissance – You’ll learn about the best alternative places to engage in PPC advertising. These networks are not new nor they have been hidden, but still the majority of the marketers have no idea about them. But the top guns in the Internet marketing industry have been secretly using them to generate targeted visitors. Once you’ve watched this training module, you can immediately get to work and get involved with these not-so-secret PPC platforms. In addition, the course covers what you need to do to optimize your campaigns at these sites, and you’ll have an even higher ROI.

Module 2: Mobile Match Maker – This module teaches you the secrets to leveraging mobile platforms to market your offers and get targeted response. If you know the kinds of offers that have the best conversions with mobile marketing, then you don’t need this part – but if not, then you do. Since not many people are aware of mobile advertising, you’d be able to get your ads listed for very cheap prices, and pay less for the clicks they generate.

Module 3: Artificially Organic – If you’ve ever wanted to learn what the highly successful do for traffic, then this module is for you because you’ll learn how you can get tons of search engine traffic without all the headaches. No need to worry about doing search engine optimization, you’ll get the traffic while others have done the hard work, already.

CPA marketing is a huge area of online marketing, and Confidential Conversions will give you powerful strategies to become profitable with CPA.

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