Confidential Conversions Review – What You Need to Know

Philip Mansour is an experienced marketer when it comes to CPA, or Cost per Action marketing; he’s known for using cutting edge techniques to drive past the competition. Confidential Conversions is his new product that aims to demystify CPA marketing for people who aren’t able to achieve success with it. This is an ideal course for marketers who want to learn from someone who truly possesses insider type of information. Among other areas, Philip covers other PPC ad platforms, other than Google, where you’ll be able to compete on a more level playing field. This course is great for those will little to no experience, as well as those who do have experience because Philip wanted to appeal to a broad range of experience levels. So what all is inside this course, Confidential Conversions? You’ll be shown exactly how to take maximum leverage over pay-per-click advertising platforms that are not so widely known, but they still produce excellent traffic and conversions. The highly profitable combination of PPC and CPA is what you’ll know how to do after studying the material. The course teaches you the specifics of getting more out of your PPC ad and earning higher profits. The reason why this matters is because if you’re spending less on PPC ads, then your profits from the CPA offers will increase. All of this will be taught inside 3 video training modules which contain 30 plus videos. Continue reading to discover what will be covered in these training modules.

Module 1: Network Traffic Reconnaissance – You can earn outstanding revenue from PPC platforms that are much less expensive than Bing or Google, even if the smaller networks cannot directly compete with the biggies. That’s what this module is about, and you’ll know how to optimize your campaigns to extract the most profit from these smaller networks.

Module 2: Mobile Match Maker – Match maker? Yes, you’ll be shown exactly how to select the best converting offers for mobile marketing platforms. For whatever reason, not a lot of IM marketers are jumping into mobile marketing, and that spells low CPC for your mobile campaigns. That also translates into low competition numbers.

Module 3: Artificially Organic – This module deals with the ins and outs of using the search engines to get easy traffic. You’ll have to wait and see, but it’s all ethical and white hat with no traditional SEO involved. You’ll have the info, all you need to do is take action on it and get traffic to your offers.

As you’ve just read, there are some excellent strategies and approaches to be learned from Confidential Conversions, and we believe it has a lot to offer to any marketer.

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