Confidential Conversions Reviewed – An Honest View

There are a lot of plans for earning cash online, but CPA marketing is not considered one of the easiest ways to make it fast. There are marketers that only sell CPA and make thousands of dollars daily. Conversions Confidential is a CPA course that was developed by a veteran affiliate marketer named Philip Mansour. This course will help you through the most difficult parts of CPA marketing and gives you insight into how you can make CPA one of the most profitable businesses ever. You get to learn about hardcore CPA techniques, not the regular Internet marketing mumbo jumbo that you keep hearing everywhere. This course is unique in so many different forms.

Once you gain access, you will discover lesser known networks, which will mean that you can pay less for your clicks that you get from these networks. So how does Confidential Conversions stand out from the many competing products? Most importantly, it doesn’t give you useless information. You will be taught detailed methods that you can begin using today. These include how to place your PPC ad at the cheapest price and also advertising on PPC platforms that aren’t popular but can give you massive traffic. Also you will learn what goes into decreasing your ad click costs. You will get 3 video modules that have 30 excellent videos that were produced with unsuccessful CPA marketers in mind.

In this article, we are going to go through each module and determine why it would be a good time for you to get Confidential Conversions.

Module 1: Network Traffic Surveillance

The opening section of this module is an in-depth overview of many underground pay per click networks that most marketers don’t know about. These are the ones outside of the bigger networks like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. These platforms are frequently used by the bigger super affiliates, who have been keeping their success secrets to themselves. The course also guides you through the steps you need to build your own highly successful PPC campaigns that reap profits like mad. Also, you’ll get to learn the insider strategies that teach you how to bring down your cost per click.

Video Module Part 2: Mobile Match Maker

With this module, you will learn how to connect your CPA offers to the specific mobile phone networks. That’s right; advertising on these networks will allow you to get clicks at a low cost because many marketers aren’t using them. That means you’ll benefit from there being almost know competition.

Module 3: Artificially Organic

This module shows you how to use the search engines for your own purposes and to secretly get them to your ads. No you aren’t learning SEO, but more about the things that will get you traffic.

Overall, for the aforementioned review, we come to the realization that Confidential Conversions for sure an excellent CPA course for anyone who has a desire to make it big in the industry.

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