Confidential Conversions Reviewed for Online Marketers

Internet marketers seem to be almost magnetically drawn to CPA marketing despite the fact there are lots of other means to generate an income online. CPA, or cost per action, really is just an elaborate means for generating leads, and the monetization method involves a payout when the marketer is able to get someone to complete an offer, usually something for free. This course, Confidential Conversions, is all about CPA marketing, and the goal is teach both experienced and inexperienced how to be successful with CPA advertising/marketing. Philip Mansour, the course developer, has many years of affiliate marketing experience as well as CPA marketing, and he has enjoyed outstanding success and earnings.

Philip directly and clearly leads you along as you learn about CPA and how to advertise your offers. However, you should remember that this course is all about CPA offers and marketing your offers, and it’s not an IM (internet marketing) course. One other terrific aspect of the course is that you’ll learn about certain PPC advertising networks that most beginners have no idea about. These PPC platforms have existed for a long time now, but only a select few took advantage of them and struck it big.

What distinguishes Confidential Conversions?

Well, actually there are several areas of distinction. No need to worry about getting something you’ve heard before because this course is built on new information. Also, Philip will teach you how to use those under-exposed PPC ad platforms and then use them to get even less expensive ad rates. Then, you will be shown exactly how to optimize your campaigns for even higher conversions. The course contains 3 main modules having more than 30 unique videos that talk about the basics and as well as the advanced methods of succeeding with CPA. Continue reading to learn more about those three instructional training modules.

Module 1: Network Traffic Reconnaissance – Even though Google, Bing and Yahoo! have dominated the PPC space, there are many other small players in the market that are being tapped by top marketers to generate high traffic to their CPA offers. In this module you’ll discover the low-down on these periperal PPC platforms, and in addition you’ll be spending less on your clicks, too. You’ll get to see for yourself how these underground PPC networks can change the way you do business online. Apart from that, you’ll also get to understand what goes into actually lowering your ad’s cost and what you should do about it.

Module 2: Mobile Match Maker – This second module shows you how to get involved with mobile marketing which is still relatively young. You won’t spin your wheels, either, because you’ll learn which offers to promote and which ones to avoid. You can get exceptionally cheap PPC costs because there just are not many marketers involved in it, yet.

Module 3: Artificially Organic – This module contains special knowledge on driving organic search engine traffic using methods not widely known. If you don’t know SEO, that’s fine, but you will learn how to leverage the SEO power of certain websites to send traffic to your sites. After seeing the videos for this module, you’ll know and understand all of it.

Confidential Conversions is a resource that you can use to give yourself a winning edge with CPA marketing.

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