Copywriting Tips You Can Use Now to Build Your Business

It takes time to learn the skills of copywriting, but it’s something that will reward you every day once you learn it. In this article we will be discussing a few tips that will help you write better copy.

Don’t you think that the person reading your copy can benefit from what you are selling with your sales copy? Apart from fantastic copywriting skills, you need to know how to make your sales letter a lot more believable and trustworthy. In other words, you need to support your copy with testimonials from other customers and experts in your field. Even copy writers who can write dazzling copy with everything perfectly spelled out can use some help from customer given testimonials inserted into the text (it absolutely raises your conversion rate). You are more likely to trust something other people have found trustworthy–it is human nature to need proof. You can talk to your existing customers and ask for their testimonials (and their permission) so that you can include them in your sales letter. If they feel comfortable making them, you could ask them for video testimonials or audio testimonials which most buyers have an easier time believing. If you do not have customers to ask for this, try sending your product out to niche experts and asking them for review. Once they go through it, ask them to give out an honest testimonial so that you can have it in your copy. There is proof that having an expert testimonial in your copy will help you build your reputation and generate more sales, there is no denying this simple fact.

Another important copywriting tip you can use to increase conversions is to add a P.s. after your main copy. Your post script can be an ideal way to grab last moment sales. Plenty of people believe adding a P.S after their copy is just insignificant. However, it’s actually the second most important element of your copy after your headline. There are prospects who prefer to skip straight to the end of your copy and seek out the price tag, so your P.S is a great way to highlight your offer to them again. This gives you a chance to highlight your offer, reinforce the benefits and get your prospects thinking about taking action. You can use this to your benefit in many ways. If you’re serious about increasing your sales and boosting your conversion rate, then spend the time to write a strong post script.

Remember to use the kind of words that will make your prospects want to act. Use “you” more than “I” along with words like “incredible,” ” exciting” or “fantastic.” Try to give your prospect a feeling of excitement about the product and also a boost to their self image. Give them a clear picture of how your product will make one of their problems disappear or fill some gap in their lives. Be genuine in your approach and don’t hype things up just to make them feel good.

So include some real advantages of your product as well as the aforementioned appeal to emotion. In conclusion, copywriting is little more than using your good common sense to convince people to buy from you. Employ the above tips when writing your copy and see better results.

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