Costly SEO Mistakes to Watch Out For

Many people run into problems while learning how to use SEO. We will be looking at some typical SEO mistakes that it’s important to avoid.

Using flash on your site is an easy mistake that is not hard to avoid. What purpose does flash serve? It makes your site look exciting and cool right? But if you were to scrutinze what is happening, you will understand that flash can really do more hurt than good to your site. In the first instance it takes a lot of time for flash to load on the site, and your visitors are not going to like waiting for it. Secondly, flash cannot be read by the search engines, which means there’s absolutely no use of it when you can’t even get that page ranked. And still, a lot of webmasters attempt to beautify their website by putting flash on the homepage, this actually prevents all of the possibiliities of the site getting ranked in the search engines. If you desire to use flash really badly then also have an another plain HTML page with high quality content on it. This is relatively effortless and it will actually bring your burden down. Besides flash, search engines can’t read frames as well. So, all the navigation and content that you have in frames will basically get ignored by the search engines. You should learn to move ahead with time and know how to be updated about the search engines. If you go beyond traditional methods, there are a lot of SEO experiments that you can do. Last but not the least; remember that by using flash you might impress your visitors for a moment or two, but in the long run, your traffic will suffer which means everything else will suffer. So don’t be foolish, get rid of flash and use high grade content that is better for your purposes.

Forgetting to focus on your page’s title and description is another simple but serious SEO mistake many marketers make. The title of your page and the description is what search engine users see in the listings when your site comes up.

This, then, is all the information that can be seen about your site, until someone decides to visit. You should try to include the main benefits and your site’s USP into the title as well as the content. You can’t afford to ignore this, as you only have this short space to motivate people to click through to your site. The search engines have changed their approach to evaluating and ranking sites over the last few years. Your page’s title and content are what count most now, while factors such as meta tags are no longer so important.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving images without the ALT tags. Include ALT tags on all of the images on your site as the search engines think this is important. The primary reason for using these tags is so that while an image is still loading, your visitors will be able to tell what it is about. However, it could assist you with your search engine outcomes. Be certain that the keywords you put in the ALT tags are acceptable to be read by both search engines and human readers.

Search engine optimization isn’t too hard, but you have to learn the ropes to start.

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