Don’t Make These Mistakes When Twitter Marketing

Can Twitter really help you market your product? Of course it can, but you must remain free of these blunders if you hope to make any money.

Twitter revolves around your ability to form bonds with others and if you’re just seen as a salesman without forming relationships, then people won’t respond to you. You have to first focus on creating a strong bond with your followers before you even think about sending out promotional tweets. The idea is to get to know them so that when you finally do start promoting stuff, they won’t even realize what you’re doing. Twitter marketing isn’t like other forms of marketing in that it’s not really marketing at all. It should only be focused on as a tool that can form stronger relationships between you and your prospects. The idea is to let that trust build in so that any products or services you promote in the future will be extremely well received. You are basically just solving a problem your followers have, and the answer lies in your product. You are doing more recommending than you are selling. You cannot make it on Twitter unless you understand this. You just might find committing those mistakes can cause you to fail. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think how you would react if a stranger approached you and started telling you about a product. You need to first cultivate that relationship so that you can build trust and then you can offer the products.

Another common mistake newbies make is not doing anything and hoping that people will approach them about becoming followers. Unless you are Ashton Kutcher, which isn’t likely, you will have to work hard to attain followers and get people to follow you. You will likely find that when you become a follower of someone, they turn right around and become your follower. This is the first step you need to take with Twitter, as you’re just trying to get people to connect with you within the niche you’ve chosen. A good strategy is to follow experts in your niche, because when you have them on your list, it’ll do wonders when they actually re-tweet your tweets. Therefore, Twitter can’t be beat when it comes to marketing. It literally gives you a platform to approach your audience without even waiting around. Not only that, but going out and hunting them instead of having them come to you allows you to be selective about who you put in your network.

Don’t commit the other common Twitter mistake which is to use the incorrect language. If you use offensive language, don’t be surprised if people start abandoning your followers list. You want them seeing you as someone trustworthy who is both knowledgeable in the field you operate in and caring in that you want to help them with their problems. If you are constantly using language that offends people, you will likely find people not wanting to do business with you. All in all, stay away from the Twitter mistakes we just spoke about and you’ll go far, as long as you’re always on the look out for new ones.

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