Drive Massive Traffic to Your Sites with Video Marketing

Video marketing has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years with the rise of video sharing sites such as Youtube. There are thousands of videos being uploaded everyday by marketers who are using them to drive targeted traffic to their sites. Below are a few choice video marketing tips that are available to you.

Your videos must be optimized for search engines if you want to use them to get a lot of traffic. Search engines love videos and they rank them better than other content. So that you can take full advantage of this fact, make sure that you optimize your video the right way. First and foremost, you should create a keyword rich title because doing this will help the search engines understand what kind of content your video has and what’s it all about. This makes it easy for you to get higher rankings for your targeted keywords. Other than that put in your video’s text transcript. It doesn’t take as much for the search engines to identify and know what is in your video when you provide a short optimized intro and transcript. Also, remember to add the keyword to areas of importance such as in your video’s title, description, meta data, etc. This is because people usually use the word ‘video’ along with the main keyword when searching.

Your video shouldn’t be full of fluff. Keep you video brief and focused.

Keep in mind that the biggest factor in your success is how you dliver your marketing message to the target audience. The simplest way to achieve this is to strictly focus on the benefits of the product you are promoting. Do not waste a lot of time at the onset, talk about the benefits and explain them in the first 10 seconds of the video. Some will actually try to egage the viewer by building suspense. In terms of marketing a particular product, it does not apply Ultimately, you need to make a buyer out of first the viewer and then the website visitor. The action that your viewers take is the real mark of video marketing. So it’s always important to focus on the benefits and try to bring them out wherever you can, throughout the video.

A video marketing tip that’s nothing but common sense: look into the camera when you’re shooting the video. It creates a connection with the viewer and strengthens the video if you keep the viewer in mind.

A conversational tone with your viewer is a key to the video. Create a personal bond for a short time with the viewer. It helps in growing the trust level and the viewer feels more comfortable. The viewer will feel out of place if you are looking elsewhere during the shooting, which is something you do not want. Video is still in its growing pains with IM, even though it’s really nothing new because of TV and movies, etc. You can do wonders with video and add an interesting dimension to your web business, as well.

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