Email Subject Line Tips – How To Get Past The Gatekeeper

Perhaps the most important part of an email is the subject line because it will determine whether or not a person will even bother to read your email. Let’s talk about some effective tips about crafting great subject lines for your emails.

Sometimes there’s a desperate feeling when you’re trying to compose a winning subject line, and some marketers have had success with giving something away for free. However, many Internet marketers have stayed away from mentioning the word “free” in their subject line only because they feel that it would evoke a negative response from the subscribers. But still, just about everyone loves getting something for free, and using it in a subject line can still have a powerful effect on your readers. There are also alternative expressions for conveying the idea in your subject line. Zero cost to you, or maybe even ‘no cost’ or ‘zero price’ would do the trick quite nicely. Use those different expressions are fine and we do not see anything improper at all with it. In fact, it could prove to be highly effective, and giving away free stuff to your list will always increase the value of it and help your subscribers trust you more. Do a test and try it on a small percentage of your list and ask for feedback, or you can easily monitor your metrics.

There’s a concept of ‘continuing the conversation’ with subject line creation. Ok, the thing to do is write your subject line in such a way that it flows smoothly to the main copy of your email. This strategy is simple to do because you can start a sentence in your subject line, and then just finish it in the first sentence of the main email body copy. This tactic works best when you’re writing in a one to one tone and want to convey a direct message to your reader. Never write boring subject lines, however this approach does involve building or creating some sense of curiosity. This is a tried and true subject line approach, but just using it alone will not guarantee success because the copy has to be compelling as well. You want to do this so there’s a feeling of wanting to know more, you just need to find out what it’s all about.

After you have decided on a subject line, then maybe give it a little time to sink in and go back and see how it feels. Put yourself in your subscriber’s shoes and analyze if the subject line sticks out. Do you feel like you just have to read it – right now? If you’re not going to feel pulled towards the email after reading it, chances are your subscribers won’t either. Don’t forget that you can always test it by mailing it out to a smaller number of people. Testing and tracking is a bit of an artform, but it is invaluable for optimizing any marketing message. If you do this enough times it will become a habit, and a profitable one at that.

Always keep learning about email marketing, but the most important thing is to move forward and take action.

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