Go Ahead – Swipe These Copywriting Tips And Use Them

If you are a decent copywriter, it’s not unusual to charge and receive $5000 or less for your services. It is true that words sell, and if you’re skilled in this field you can sell just about anything.

If you learn how to write good copy that converts, all kinds of doors will open; freelance copywriting, working for an agency, or even selling products whether your own or as an affiliate. Talk about flexibility, and that is true for internet marketing, especially, because your odds for success are much greater. But this isn’t for everyone because so many people are not willing to be devoted to learning it. So if you are willing to put in the hard work, then the following tips will prove to be helpful to you.

There are way too many points to cover, but basically you always want to draw the reader into your copy and get him involved in it. Most copy does not get completely read, so involving them helps to achieve that because it also implies emotional involvement. The strategic placement of pertinent, thought provoking questions in copy is just one method of involvement. One other good use of questions is they, sometimes, can be put in their own short paragraph, and that will serve very well to break the text up a bit for easier reading.

The key here is to ask those questions that you know will get a “yes,” or in other words, ask positive questions. It’s nothing like mind control or NLP, but it’s a technique to help put your reader in a more positive frame of mind.

You can’t be a good copywriter unless you know how to create intriguing headlines, since your headline is the bait that makes your prospect want to keep reading. If you want your sales letters to convert well, make sure you work at creating the best headline you can. You may need several headlines for your copy, as it’s often a good idea to include several sub-headlines to break up your copy. By studying headlines from magazines and other printed media, you can get a feel for how they are created. You may also want to look at headlines on the internet as well. When it comes to your copy being effective or not, the headline can be the deciding element.

One general principle found in copywriting is the skillful use of the AIDA principle. AIDA is an acronym for attention, interest, desire, action, and it is a set of guidelines for speaking to the reader’s emotions in your copy. Your job as a copywriter is to state your case as effectively as possible. In your copy, be sure to talk about any possible questions, or objections too, that you think your reader may have as your copy is being read.

These copywriting tips are just the tip of the iceberg, but we hope they will help you have a better understanding of what’s involved with effective copy. The only way to get better at writing copy is to write it, learn, and get feedback as much as possible. If you’re starting out with copywriting, aim at creating an attention grabbing copy that focuses on the benefits more than anything else. Do your bit of learning, keep yourself updated with the industry knowledge and be aware of the common copywriting mistakes that people make.

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