How to Avoid the Most Common Twitter Marketing Mistakes

Using Twitter for promotion purposes can be really fun as long as you don’t make any campaign killing mistakes. Here are a few of the mistakes you should try to avoid.

Some marketers neglect to post their photos to their profiles, which does not do their marketing campaigns any good. When people click on your profile and see a photo, they automatically see you as more authentic. Also, people remember you more easily when they see your picture, so it’s a good way to stay in front of their mind. Using a photo will increase your credibility and help your marketing efforts. Pictures that are for marketing purposes, such as of a product you are selling, are not a good idea since you are trying to relate to Twitter users on a personal level. With so many scammers on Twitter, you should strive to be as sincere as possible. If you present yourself in an honest way, half of your battle is won. This may not sound that significant, but it actually has a lot to do with the results you can expect. Another twitter marketing error involves spending too much time with and being nice to your followers. Of course, you shouldn’t flood them with millions of tweets per day, but you have to stay on their minds. And in order to do this you’ll have to tweet them often, or else you’ll simply get lost in the thousands of tweets that they see each day. Don’t replace your quality tweets with a huge quantity of sub standard tweets. There is absolutely nothing wrong in tweeting them every now and then, as long as you’re giving them information that they can use. All in all, give your followers something to look forward to and stay ahead of your competitors at the same time. They won’t be upset if the tweets are good. To be quite honest, they will be glad that you are so consistent with your tweets.

A corporate image is something you definitely don’t want to use with your target market on Twitter. They want to see that you are an authentic person who can easily be contacted. People don’t join Twitter to be in contact with large companies or organizations. They are looking for other individuals who they can communicate with. Your goal on Twitter should be to build lasting relationships with your followers. You want to get to the point where your followers will be happy to get tweets from you that are promoting something, as they have come to trust you. So you have to make your marketing efforts personal and sincere if you want your followers to be receptive to your offers.

In conclusion: this article talks about some very common mistakes that people make that are easily avoided; the only reason people still make them is because they don’t try to avoid them. But if you’re smart, you’ll always be on a look out for such mistakes and avoid them.

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