Keeping an Eye on Your Competitors

It may seem strange to keep a watchful eye on your competitors. Watching every website change and every forum post will seem excessive. Still, it’s no more than common sense to be familiar with how they are doing business in your niche. To market your products successfully, you have to give people a reason to buy from you and not your competitors. If you actually are giving better value than your competitors, this becomes easy. Once you are very familiar with your competitors, you can form a plan to do better than them. Here are some ways that you can keep track of your competition.

Google Alerts is one option you can use. Set up a Google Alert for each person or company that you want to track. You can tailor Google Alerts to deliver at specific times.

Google Alerts will send you all newsworthy information on your chosen subject each hour, each day, or even each month. The Google Alerts information can be delivered to your inbox or it can be fed to a reader through RSS. Google Alerts is totally free. You’ve probably already used it to internet stalk your favorite celebrity. Searches with Twitter. Believe it or not, Twitter has its own search engine. Twitter trails only behind Google as the best search engines. You can use this search engine to look up your competition. Much like the regular Twitter you can use this search engine to keep track of your target market and your competitors within it. The best thing is, not like Twitter, you can view all search engine results on one monitor. This can save you lots of time that you would ordinarily spend looking through profiles and trying to guess trending topics.

CI Radar is something that can give you in depth information about your competitors. This can also be useful in helping you find prospects for your products. sell their products to other marketers. You can learn what companies are doing, what they need to improve and what people are saying about them. This will be of interest to anyone who wants to delve deeply into how their competition operates. Using a tool like this will make it a little easier for you to do this kind of fact checking, which makes many people nervous.

You must keep an eye on your competitors. Just remember that there’s only a certain amount of money out there for all of us. There’s only so much money people will spend. If you want as much of this money as possible, it’s necessary to show your prospects that spending money with you is worth it. You cannot do this if you do not know what your competitors are doing. Using software to keep track of your competitors is a great way to know what they’re up to, and it will give you more time to dedicate to your business.

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