Learn How to Not Make these SEO Mistakes

So you’ve been trying to optimize your site and get it ranked in the search engines? Your SEO efforts can be wasted, or even damaging to your site, if you make any of the following errors.

One of the most common mistakes that new SEO marketers make is that they focus on the wrong keywords. The right keywords are very important because people searching online will look for information on a certain topic under particular keywords. For an SEO marketer looking to sell something related to dog training, it would be important to use keywords not only related to the niche, but also to purchasing. A dog training ebook should target the keywords “learn dog training.” Make an incorrect keyword choice, and it won’t matter how good the rest of your marketing plan is. Central to successful search engine optimization is a whole list of helpful keywords, so you can drive a lot of traffic to your site at once. Different web marketers will generate their keyword lists in different ways, but an easy method to get some powerful keywords is to use Google’s Keywords tool. A great thing about a free keywords tool is that quality results cost you nothing. As an alternative, try paid keyword research services like Word Tracker, particularly if you’re looking for a custom list of keywords to target a particular audience. Last but not the least, make sure that you are absolutely sure about the keywords you target because in the end you don’t want to waste a lot of your time optimizing for the wrong keywords and wasting your efforts. Another mistake is ignoring the power of internal linking and only focusing on getting outbound links. If you can use internal linking in a manner such as sites like Wikipedia employ, you will be using an effective on site SEO tactic. As the search engines favor sites that are the most useful to visitors, it impresses them when your internal links enable people to efficiently move to different areas of your site with ease. This is a fairly simple task, as it only involves using anchor text for your keywords and linking to another page on your site. On the other hand, you can’t just link any two random pages together. You have to create a very understandable internal linking structure, so that there is no confusion for the search engines and as well as human readers.

Another mistake you should avoid is getting lots of backlinks to your site very quickly. Many people are tempted to do this, looking for a shortcut to success, but it ends up harming their site. You should always build your backlinks in a manner that looks normal, not getting a huge number at one time. Violating this rule is the reason many sites get de-indexed or lose their ranking. Building links very fast is sending an obvious message to the search engines that you are a spammer or doing something wrong. Not a good thing when you’re trying to create a lasting relationship with them. Search engine optimization, then, is really about creating a quality site all around and not making the sort of mistakes we’ve been pointing out.

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