Learn How to Not Make these SEO Mistakes

SEO is a valuable skill for any website owner, but if you get it wrong, it can do more harm than good. Listed below are some of the more common SEO mistakes that can damage your site’s ranking.

Not having much written content on your site and using lots of images instead is a fairly common SEO mistake. Images do enhance a site but in the long run you’ll realize that they don’t do much for your search engine optimization efforts.

The search engines will rank you better for having original, quality content on your site, and visitors will appreciate this as well. You can certainly have images on your site, but don’t overuse them in place of content. Images won’t help you with the search engines, and having too many of them will also make your site slower for visitors, something else you don’t want. The way to make your images help your SEO efforts is to While the search engines can’t read the images themselves they can read these tags. The best way to deal with this is to try and replace most of the images with something that’s worthy to read and also has your keywords in it. When the search engines go through a site, it’s written content that impresses them most, so you should act accordingly. Getting outbound links while neglecting your site’s internal linking is another mistake you should avoid. The search engines are impressed by sites that make good use of internal linking (such as Wikipedia), so you should do this as much as possible. As the search engines favor sites that are the most useful to visitors, it impresses them when your internal links enable people to efficiently move to different areas of your site with ease. And achieving this is not a big deal, since all you need to know is what keywords to include in your anchor text and what pages you’re linking to. For this to work, though, you can’t just add links wherever you feel like it. Your goal is to put together a logical internal linking system that is easy for visitors to navigate and that the search engines will understand.

Another SEO mistake many marketers make is outsourcing to people who use questionable methods, while promising you incredible results overnight. When you hire a company like this, they will do whatever they can, legitimate or not, to rank your site quickly. The search engines, however, have the ability to figure out what you are doing, and you may end up with a lower rank than you started out with, perhaps even de-indexed. Make sure you research any SEO service ahead of time and find out what kind of methods they use and try to get testimonials about them. There’s nothing wrong with using a reputable service to help you.

As long as you remain ethical and stay alert to what you’re doing, you won’t make the kind of SEO mistakes we’ve been discussing. You will definitely get better long term results by doing SEO the right way.

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