Learn the Real Advantages of Article Marketing

Article marketing is meant to inform, presell, and get readers to click-thru to your site. Following are some of the benefits that article marketing bring to your website and business.

When you start internet marketing it is important to remember that you are running a business and as a business you need to focus on profit and return on investment. Don’t fall into the trap of spinning your wheels for years but never going anywhere. The number one reason for failure online is that people don’t stay consistent with their activities; they jump from one technique to another and never see success. You will most likely have the best results starting with a method that fits your talents and skill set. You don’t have to search any further because we have a simple solution. Article marketing done the right way will help you reach your goals. Article marketing has become known as ” Bum Marketing” because they say that anyone, even a bum, can do it. Article marketing is very simple but it is an ongoing process. All you need to do is find long tail keywords that have high search volume but low competition in the search engines. Once you discover these keywords, the next step is to write articles based on them. The beauty about long tail phrases is that many are very easy to rank with. Amazon and Clickbank have proven to be two very lucrative programs to use this method with. If you are looking for a way to make money online without much money then ‘bum marketing’ will take you to your goals. If you want better results from your articles then you should direct all of your traffic to a page where people can opt into your subscriber’s list. A targeted list is easy to build with e-mail marketing because your articles are prescreening the subscribers. You can build your list of subscribers to your newsletter, Ezine or simply a direct list where you send out valuable information day after day. A targeted list of prospects can put you in a very good position. Be sure to build your own list because the majority of list building services out their will deliver terrible results. One of the best ways to get more subscribers is to use your resource box as a continuation of your article and list benefits that the reader will gain instead of putting your life story in it. Learn to use articles to their full potential and you can tap into a very lucrative form of internet marketing.

If you were looking for a means of building credibility then you have found it. You gain respect and a reputation when readers consistently see your name on authoritative information that they find useful. After a while of providing superb articles and other content you will automatically gain expert status. Slow and steady you’ll realize that your growing credibility is actually helping your articles get more exposure, leading to better sales and conversions.

Most people get mediocre results from their article marketing; you don’t have to one of them.

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