Open Mobile & Digital Experience Summit

Event: Open Mobile & Digital Experience Summit
Date: 2019-Nov-07
Location/City: San Francisco, CA, USA
Topic: Mobile and Digital Marketing
Price to Attend: $2095

Why must you attend? You will get to learn from the most senior collection of 400+ leaders and get to learn from the best who are at the forefront of customer journey mapping experience delivery, customer engagement and performance measurement to ensure your brand innovates beyond competition.

It’s time to bring together Digital, Product and Marketing to be the face of, and driver for customer-driven strategies. Utilizing data, analytics, and technology to deliver the experience and engagement consumers desire, you are integral to driving the business forward. It’s time to reinvent digital and mobile experiences, removing customer friction points and creating disruptive solutions that add value beyond a transaction. Join this movement to deliver exemplary digital experiences and inspire 400 leaders.

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