Proven Monetization Methods For Small Business Websites

Making a website is incredibly easy, and even figuring out how to get traffic to it is also easy. The tough part, for most, is generating a solid and sustainable income from that site.

Knowing about “doing this” or “doing that” is fine, but if you don’t possess some kind of in-depth knowledge about how to make it work there will be a problem. It’s understandable that people are eager to make money, but an ounce of prevention, by doing research, is worth more than a pound of cure in these situations. You can feel confident and move forward once you are certain your method(s) and offer(s) will be agreeable with your target market. What follows next are several monetization methods that have long since shown to be viable and profitable.

Let’s start out by looking at one of the most frequently employed monetization techniques, known as contextual advertising. To use this type of advertising, you sign up for Google AdSense (or a similar program), place the code they give you in the right place and wait for ads to start appearing. These ads enable you to get paid for every click, and they are related to the content of the page on which they appear. Contextual advertising is a good way to monetize your site without much effort, but you will need a fair amount of traffic to provide you with the clicks you need. You can also go for in-text advertising by using a network like Kontera, where they place targeted sponsored links within your text. You can identify these links easily and differentiate them from the normal ones as they come with a double underline. There are pretty small pop-ups that display when a user rolls the mouse cursor over them; we’ve seen them and they are not intrusive at all. You get paid when anyone clicks on this ad, where the amount isn’t fixed just like contextual advertising.

You can also make money from your website through direct banner advertising. Selling advertising space on your own website is always an option, especially if you are in a popular niche and get steady traffic. This is a good method for anyone who likes to determine their own prices and not have to deal with (or split the profits with) any large networks who are running the show. You do, however, have to be getting quite a bit of traffic to your site before you can expect anyone to want to advertise on it. And, unlike a system like AdSense, where everything is handled for you, in this case it’s up to you to sell and manage the ads. Overall, these are all potentially good ways you can start making money from your website. Don’t be afraid to try some different ideas when it comes to monetizing your site, as all sites are not the same and some methods will work for you better than others. So if you haven’t monetized your site yet, then you need to start working on it right away because the more time you take to put a proper income earning channel on your site, the more money you’re leaving on the table. If you have a site that you are driving traffic to, you may as well make it profitable.

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